One Secret Organic Fertilizer Recipe for Productive Plants

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Here’s a Secret Organic Fertilizer Recipe that not only boosts the plants’ growth but also saves them from fungal diseases. Find out!

Want to make your plants lush and productive without using chemical fertilizers? Try this Secret Organic Fertilizer Recipe we have here. It’ll not only boosts their growth but will help in reducing fungal infections.

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Why this Organic Fertilizer Works?

It contains aquarium water, which might look dirty but contains minerals, beneficial bacteria, and important plant elements like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that can boost the growth naturally.

The second ingredient is milk, and it’s proven in various studies that spraying diluted milk on plants can ward off various diseases like black mold, rot, mildew. It has also been proven that applying milk to soil works as a biostimulant and causes improved soil structure. You can check out more milk uses here!

This organic fertilizer also has one powerful ingredient–A compost tea, which can replenish the soil surface with nutrients and helpful microbes quickly.

Epsom salt, the fourth main ingredient of this recipe has magnesium and sulfur. Magnesium boosts nutrient uptake while sulfur boosts chlorophyll production. It’s good for roses and nightshade family plants like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.

Secret Organic Fertilizer Recipe

Using this secret organic fertilizer recipe is a great way to boost your plant growth organically. The use of this fertilizer not only makes the foliage lush and green but also promotes flowering and fruiting by delivering the right amount of nutrients to plants.

What’s more–it also protects the plants from fungal diseases without any side-effects. Follow the recipe and build a protective shield that will nourish your plants as well.



  • Take 2 liters of aquarium water and mix one teaspoon of Epsom salt into it.
  • Add 200 ml of unpasteurized milk to the solution.
  • Now add 200 ml compost tea and stir well again.

Direction to Use

Fill this solution in a spray bottle and spray it on the leaves as a foliar spray. You can also use it to water the plants like you do with a water-soluble fertlizer. For best results, do this process early in the morning.

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Advantage of Using Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Secret Organic Fertilizer Recipe 2

This secret organic liquid fertilizer is easy to apply both on the foliage as a spray or around the base while watering. It is not only excellent for indoor plants, vegetables but also a good starter food for young plants, giving all the necessary and required nutrients for the development of roots.

Not only plants, but it also enhances the soil by adding beneficial bacteria and trace elements and strengthening the structure by balancing the pH that eventually helps in producing lush, healthy plants.

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  • Make sure the aquarium water you use is not chemically treated or have any medication.
  • Also, avoid that water, if you add aquarium salt or pH adjuster in it.
  • Don’t overdo it, applying it once in 4-6 weeks is fine. Even if it’s an organic fertilizer, overfeeding your plants may do more harm than good.

To understand better, watch its tutorial video below

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