Secret Organic Fertilizer Recipe for Productive Plants

Here’s a Secret Organic Fertilizer Recipe which can completely change the way your plants grow! Read ahead to find out more!

What could be the best method to make your plants appear lusher? Is there a trick to feed them in a way, which makes them stay healthy? Here’s a Secret Organic Fertilizer Recipe¬†that could help you to maintain your garden and houseplants like never before!

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What is Organic Fertilizer?

Natural or organic fertilizers are prepared by using dried or composted organic matter like crop residue, cow manure, earthworm castings, seaweed, animal sources, and seed meal.  They also help in maintaining a healthy environment for beneficial fungi, bugs, and microbes.

Secret Organic Fertilizer Recipe

Using this secret organic fertilizer recipe is a great way to boost your plant growth organically. The use of this fertilizer not only makes the foliage lush and green but also promotes flowering and fruiting by delivering the right amount of nutrients to plants.

What’s more- it also protects the plants from fungal diseases without any side-effects. Follow the recipe and build a protective shield that will nourish your plants as well.


  • Water (Using aquarium water will create an excellent organic fertlizer!)
  • Milk
  • Compost Tea
  • Epsom Salt


  • Take 2 liters of aquarium water/water and mix one teaspoon of Epsom salt into it.
  • Add 200 ml of unpasteurized milk to the solution.
  • Now add 200 ml compost tea and stir well again.

Direction to Use

Fill this solution in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on the leaves as a foliar spray. You can also use it to water the plants like you use a water-soluble fertlizer. For best results, do this process early in the morning.

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Advantage of Using Organic Liquid Fertilizer

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Organic Liquid Fertilizer is easy to apply both in the foliage as a spray or while watering. It is also a good starter food for plants, giving all the necessary and required nutrients for the development of roots. Not only plant, but it also adds nutrients to the soil and strengthens the structure by balancing the pH that works on producing healthier and lush plants.

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