17 DIY Coffee Mug Ideas for the Garden

Have spare coffee mugs and cups? You can do unbelievable things with them in your house and garden with these DIY Coffee Mug Ideas.

Have old, rusty, and unsued coffee mugs in your kitchen? Well, don’t let them go to waste and use them in creative ways with these fun DIY Coffee Mug Ideas for the garden! You’ll be surprised to see how well they can be used in your home and yard!

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DIY Coffee Mug Ideas for the Garden

1. Repurpose Broken Mugs Into Planters

DIY Coffee Mug Ideas for the Garden

If there are broken mugs in your house and you don’t want to throw them away because they look cute? Here is the perfect solution of how to turn them into tiny pots for plants.

2. Coffee Mug Herb Garden

Turn your coffee mugs into useful mini herb planters for your kitchen. Read this step by step tutorial and get fresh herbs every time.

3. Soup Mug into Unique Planters

DIY Coffee Mug Ideas for the Garden 2

Do you still have vintage soup mugs that you don’t use anymore now? Check out more info here.

4. Mugs for Succulents

Love succulents that are easy to take care of and look amazing? Check out the full article here on how to turn coffee mugs into planters for succulents.

5. Succulents in Mugs & Cups

DIY Coffee Mug Ideas for the Garden 3

Teacups and coffee mugs can be cute planters for growing succulents. Step-by-step DIY guide is here.

6. Repurposed Coffee Cup Succulent Garden

Using coffee cups to grow mini succulent plants is the most fun way to utilize them!

7. Customize Coffee Mugs with Hand-Drawn Flowers

DIY Coffee Mug Ideas for the Garden 5

Glamorize the look of the boring coffee mugs by drawing different flower patterns with the help of this tutorial! You can then use them in a variety of ways in the garden.

8. DIY Coffee Mug Shelf

This coffee mug shelf can be a great addition to the garden or even kitchen, where you can grow herbs or other mini-plants in them!

9. Coffee Mugs Mosaic Wall Planter

Fan of succulents? Well, you can grow them in coffee mugs and then stick them on the garden wall.

10. Coffee Cup Bird Feeder

A coffee cup bird feeder is easy to make and will also invite a variety of birds to your garden. One of its kind of tutorials is here.

11. Hanging Mugs of Delight

DIY Coffee Mug Ideas for the Garden 20

Hang multiple coffee cups together using a string from a tree branch to create a stunning visual.

12. Coffee Mug Vases

Be it outside in the garden or inside the home, these coffee mug vases with flowers will look super charming!

13. Coffee Mug Succulent Garden

DIY Coffee Mug Ideas for the Garden 12

A coffee mug succulent garden be a welcoming addition in your home or garden.

14. Coffee Mugs with Plants

Take your gardening skills to a whole new level by growing different plants in coffee mugs.

15. DIY Flower Mugs

DIY Coffee Mug Ideas for the Garden 15

Watch this video to make cute mugs full of artificial flowers. You can also replace them with fresh blooms from your garden!

16. DIY Coffee Mug Hanging Planter

This easy to make hanging planter will look stunning on any wall! Just drill some holes at the top edges of the mug and hang them with strings of thin rope.

17. Spilled Cup Succulent Planter

One of the best ways to grow succulent in an attractive way! Glue a coffee cup and saucer together to make this planter.


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