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8 Awesome Citrus Peel Uses In Garden

Have leftover peels of lemons or oranges? Don’t throw them, they are useful– Here are 8 Awesome Citrus Peel Uses in Garden!

1. Compost

8 Awesome Citrus Peel Uses In Garden

Citrus peels can be composted, they are an excellent source of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Adding them to compost is a great way to make it nutritious. Before putting citrus peels to compost pile be sure to break them down into small pieces to speed up the composting process. As an added bonus, citrus peels also protects compost from scavengers and some pests as many of them dislike the smell.

2. Repel Pests Naturally

If your plants are suffering from mild pest infestation avoid using chemical pesticides and try to repel them by using citrus peels. Simply tear the citrus peels into small pieces place around the affected plant or tear a hole in the peel and attach the peel to a stem near the infected area. It may not be as effective as using chemical pesticides but it’s natural and organic. More on it here.

3. Dog and Cat Repellant

orange peel

If you want to stop your pets from visiting your garden, try using citrus peels. Most cats and dogs hate the smell of citrus peels. Just mix small pieces of citrus peel with used coffee grounds and scatter them around your plants. The combination of these two scents will prevent pets from visiting your garden and also fertilize your plants. You can read more about using coffee grounds here.

4. Citrus Peels in the Fireplace

Got some citrus peels and throw them in the fireplace and enjoy the fresh citrus scent. This fresh citrus smell is a nice way to put those citrus peels to use and is a great idea for when partying in the garden.

5. Dried Citrus Peels for Acid Loving Plants

Azalea in garden (3)

Leftover lemon peels can be used to acidify the soil. Just dry the citrus peels and grind them into a powder. Sprinkle this on soil and mix it. It is a great and all natural way to increase the acidity of the soil (Remember, the lowering of soil pH depends on the amount of citrus peel powder you’ll use. As an added bonus, it also adds some essential micro and macro nutrients to the soil.

6. Get Rid of Ants

Ants can be dangerous to the garden. They protect aphids from attack by ladybugs and other predators in order to secure the supply of honeydew and also cause damage to plants by disturbing soil around the plant’s roots. If you want to get rid of ants use citrus peels. Using citrus peels is a nontoxic and organic ant repellent that is harmless to humans and other animals and is sure to drive ants away from your garden. Here is how to make this ant repellent.

7. Citrus Peel Seed Starter Pot

Citrus Peel Starter Pot2

Citrus peel pot can become a great biodegradable pot to start seeds. Here’s more about it.

8. Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes hate the smell of citrus peels. If you want to get rid of mosquitos, just rub citrus peels on your skin to repel them. You can also use grated peels around your porch, patio, and garden to help repel mosquitoes.

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Have leftover peels of lemons or oranges? Don't throw them, they are useful-- Here are 8 Awesome Citrus Peel Uses in Garden!



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