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5 Simple Seed Germination Tips To Grow Every Seed

Follow these 5 Seed Germination Tips for better germination and more success rate.seed germinationg tips

Seed Germination Tips

1. Quality Seeds

Ensure the seeds you are sowing are not old. Buying quality seeds is also important. This not only improves the germination rate but the plants grow from them remain healthy.

2. Seed Germination Temperature

Optimum soil temperature for seed germination is around 60 -70 F (15-20 C). However, most of the seeds can germinate when the temperature remains in the range of 45-85 F (7-30 C).

Note: Seeds don’t germinate properly in too low or too high soil temperature than this.

3. Depth

Seeds must be sown at the recommended depth instructed on the seed packets. Otherwise, they won’t germinate, or the success rate remains low. Alternatively, you can search for the proper seed sowing depth on the web.

4. Soil Moisture

Proper soil moisture is the key for successful seed sprouting. Keep the substrate evenly moist until the germination occurs, and seedlings emerge. Too wet or too dry growing medium thwarts the germination process.

5. Special Treatment

Some seeds require special treatment before sowing. Scarifying, pre-chilling or soaking is done to improve the germination. Always, search about the seed before planting, if it needs a pre-treatment or not.


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