19 In Ground Compost Bin Ideas | DIY Underground Compost Bins

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Here are some easy to make In Ground Compost Bin Ideas that you can easily make in your garden without any fuss!

In-ground compost bins are great for your garden since they help with pest and odor control, look aesthetically pleasing, and save a lot of space. Check out these In Ground Compost Bin Ideas to create natural fertilizer that will benefit your plants.

Here are Functional DIY Compost Bin Ideas For Gardeners

In Ground Compost Bin Ideas | DIY Underground Compost Bins

1. Buckets in the Ground Covered with a Stone

In Ground Compost Bin Ideas 1

Use this in-ground compost Bin Idea to create an underground compost bin using buckets.

All you need to do is drill holes in the bottom of the bucket, find a good place in your garden to place it, backfill the sides to ensure it stays in its place, and create a worm bedding by adding soaked cardboard to the bucket. In a week, the worms will get ready for feeding. Check out the detailed tutorial here.

2. In-ground Compost Bucket with Lid and Holes

Ideas for Ground Compost Bins 2

Turn an old bucket into an amazing DIY Underground Compost Bin following this DIY.

This DIY is pretty simple: just drill holes 3 inches apart on the bottom and the sides, bury the bin in the garden bed, and secure the bin with a lid. You can add kitchen scraps and worm bedding like papers and straws every 2-3 days. Learn how you can make this here.

3. DIY Underground Bin with Plastic Tub

best ideas for a ground compost bin 3

Have any old plastic tubs? Put them to use and create a large and wonderful DIY compost bin for your garden.

Take a large tub, drill holes in its bottom, and put it in the garden bed to create an underground composter. You can cover the tub or leave it open, but make sure to add kitchen waste to the tub every 2 to 3 days. Here is the detailed DIY.

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4. DIY Worm Towers

the finest ideas for a ground compost bin

These warm towers are one of the best In-Ground Compost Bin Ideas that also add a touch of uniqueness to the garden.

Cut the PVC pipes to any length you want and drill holes along one end. Dig a hole in the garden bed and put the PVC pipes into the holes; the side with the holes goes down into the ground. Fix the pipes properly and add leaves, food scraps, shredded papers, and grass clippings into the pipes, then add the worms. The last step is adding decorated pots to the top of the PVC pipe to protect the worms. Here is the DIY.

5. In-Ground Composter with Bucket

in-Ground Composter with Bucket Ideas

What could be easier than this DIY Underground Compost Bin with a plastic bucket full of holes?

Drill holes on the sides and bottom of the plastic bucket and bury the bucket in the garden bed. Add damp egg cartons, shredded newsprints, and composted manure to the bucket, and add mulch and composting worms to the bucket. And voila, your underground compost bin is ready. Here is the detailed DIY.

6. Underground Bucket Compost

underGround Compost Bin Ideas 6

Another great DIY compost bin idea with a plastic bucket in the ground.

Take a plastic bucket and use a drill to drill holes for aeration on the sides of the bucket and at the bottom. Dig a hole in the garden bed, put the bucket in it, and fill it with debris, food scraps, and shredded paper. Make sure to keep the lid, as you will need to close it too. Here is the complete DIY.

7. DIY Trash Can Composter

DIY Trash Can Composter 7

Have a huge garden? Follow this In-Ground Compost Bin Idea and get a big underground composter made out of a trash can.

Dig a hole in the garden bed once you come up with a suitable location as per the size of the trash can. Use a drill to add multiple holes in the trash can and then put it into the hole you just dug. Make sure you leave the top of the trash can out of the soil. Follow this DIY for detailed steps.

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8. Underground Compost Pod

Underground Compost Pod ideas 8

Create an amazing underground compost pod with this DIY Underground Compost Bin idea.

Check out this subpod that comes with an aerator. You can choose this option if you do not want to work or create a similar one using wooden pallets. Here is the DIY.

9. Wire Compost Bin

the finest ideas for a ground compost bin  9

Did you know you could create a great in-ground compost bin using only wire netting?

Get a wire mesh or galvanized fencing, preferably 3 feet high and 10 feet long. Straighten the wire mesh out, use bungee cords, and overlap wire corners to form a large cylindrical shape. You can put this wire mesh cylinder in the garden and add all composting materials and kitchen scraps into it whenever you want. Here is the complete DIY.

10. Underground Composter

best ideas for a ground compost bin 10

Here is another idea you can easily do for your home: Dig up a hole in the garden bed using a spade and add a plastic bucket or tub into the space to create an underground composter. And it’s really that simple. You can check out the DIY here.

11. DIY Compost Tumbler

Ideas for Ground Compost Bins 10

Durable, functional, and elegant, this DIY compost tumbler will fill every gardener’s needs.

Take a large barrel, cut out a big access panel, and install hinges and pin locks to make a panel door. Drill evenly-spaced holes on the entire barrel and paint it as you like. You can use this as it is or create a base for the barrel using a flat board. You can also make it easier to turn the barrel using angle steels, as it will need frequent rotations. Check out this DIY compost bin idea here.

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12. DIY In-Ground Drum Composter

Ground Drum Composter Bin Ideas 12

Take a large drum and put it to good use as a DIY underground compost bin with this idea.

Use the drum lid to mark out a space and dig a hole this wide. Drill holes into the entire drum using a drill and then place the drum in the hole with some pebbles at the bottom to hold it steady. Add some dirt to the sides so it settles in place, and add the compost to the bin. Here is the step-by-step tutorial.

13. Compost with Metal Trash Can

Compost with Metal Trash bin ideas

Metal trash cans never disappoint when it comes to DIY Underground Compost Bins for your home.

Drill 20-30 holes in the metal trash can using a drill in the bottom of the can and add 30-40 on the sides too. Dig a hole in a well-drained garden bed spot and push the container into the hole. The hole should be half as deep as the metal container. Add food scraps to the container once or twice a week, and you have yourself an amazing in-ground composter. Here is the DIY.

14. In-Ground Compost Pit

In Ground Compost Bin Ideas 14

One of the simplest ones yet is this dig-and-drop compost idea, which requires little effort. Just find a suitable, well-drained spot, dig a hole, and start dropping food scraps and organic matter in it. Here is the complete DIY.

15. Drum Style Compost Binthe finest ideas for a ground compost bin 15

Check out one of the best compost bin ideas for an amazing drum-style compost bin with plywood and fence wire. Here is the DIY.

Cut the plywood into two equal circles and use a 3-foot wide wire mesh. Build a wooden stand for the composter using wood, and create the drum section using the wire mesh. And that’s it. You have your drum-style DIY composter.

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16. Concrete Block Compost Binin Ground Compost Bin Ideas 16

Here is a durable and functional compost bin idea you can make using concrete blocks in your garden. Check out the DIY here.

Choose a good location and prepare the ground. Make sure that the ground is flat, and build the lid using wood nailed together. Once you are done, add door hinges to make the lid movable and add it to the concrete blocks arranged on the spot in a square or rectangular fashion.

17. Drawer Compost Binbest ideas for a ground compost bin 17

Turn an old drawer into an excellent compost bin with this amazing DIY here.

This idea will not take much effort. You just need an old drawer or sections of multiple old ones that you can stack together to create a wooden composter. Just remember to weatherproof the drawer composter by priming and painting the box, and you are done.

18. DIY Tote ComposterIdeas for Ground Compost Bins 18

Another great composting DIY is this DIY tote compost bin that you can make with a tote, drill, shredded cardboard, and dirt.

Take a large tote, drill holes all over the toe, and add shredded cardboard to its bottom, along with some dirt. Find a suitable position for the tote and add materials like egg shells, banana peels, coffee grinds, avocado skins, and kitchen scraps to it. Spray some warm water, and you have your own tote compost.

19. 5 Gallon Bucket Composterin Ground Compost Bin Ideas 19

Follow this DIY to turn a 5-gallon bucket into an amazing composter with this In Ground Compost Bin Idea.

If you have a large garden, this DIY is for you. Just find an appropriate dig spot in your garden. Take a 5-gallon bucket, fill it with holes, and add it to the dig spot you selected. Add soaked shredded paper, leaf litter, or coconut coir, and add a bit of sand for the red wriggler worms. Add the worms and the compostables, and you have started using your composter.

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