26 Best Plants You Should Grow on Kitchen Windowsill

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Do you have an empty space on your kitchen windowsill that receives some light? If yes, then here are the Best Plants You Should Grow on Kitchen Windowsill!

A well-lit window at a pantry is a great place to grow plants. If you are confused about which ones to pick, we have a list of the Best Plants You Should Grow on Kitchen Windowsill!

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Best Plants You Should Grow on Kitchen Windowsill


Growing herbs on a kitchen windowsill make a lot of sense as you will have a fresh supply for your dishes all year-round. All you have to do is stretch your hand, snip a few leaves, and you are done!

1. Thyme

Grow thyme on a sunny kitchen windowsill as it favors full, bright, direct sunlight and moist soil. You can add either dried or fresh thyme leaves to roasted dishes.

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2. Basil

Grow basil on a sunny kitchen windowsill that receives plenty of sunlight and warmth. You can add fresh basil leaves to pasta, pizza sauces, salads, soups, and pesto.

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3. Oregano



Oregano can grow really well in a container on a sunny kitchen windowsill. A south-facing window could be an ideal spot for the herb to thrive best.

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4. Mint

A well-lit kitchen windowsill will always be incomplete if you are not going to grow mint there! This refreshing herb goes well with many dishes and cocktails.

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5. Parsley

Grow Flat Leaf Parsley for a vibrant, strong, and sweet flavor than any other type of parsley. This herb is easy to grow and does well in a sunny or partially shaded location.

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6. Sprouts

All you need is a quart jar, a few tablespoons of sprouting seeds, and water to grow nutritious and healthy sprouts on your kitchen windowsill.

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7. Microgreens


Microgreens are the seedlings of herbs and vegetables and are more nutrient-rich and tasty than mature ones! You just need a sunny windowsill and a shallow tray to grow them.

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8. Garlic

Garlic will grow happily on a windowsill in 6-8 inches small pots. Make sure you use well-draining soil and keep it where it gets 3-4 hours of daily sun.

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9. Spinach

To grow spinach, you don’t need to have a big space. A sunny kitchen window is all you need to have a fresh supply of this vegetable!

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10. Tomatoes

Yes! You can grow cherry and grape tomatoes on a kitchen windowsill to enjoy a fresh, organic, juicy harvest indoors. Just make sure the spot gets 4-6 hours of sunlight daily.

11. Green Onion

Green onions are another wise choice to grow on a kitchen windowsill. This will be more than happy to grow in a small pot and a good quality potting mix.

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12. Aloe

Aloe Vera and other species from the Aloe genus can be grown easily on a kitchen windowsill as long as it receives bright light.

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13. Haworthia

Haworthia is worth growing on your kitchen windowsill as it is a compact plant. Its slim tapering leaves and tight rosettes look stunning in colorful pots.

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14. Jade Plant

Jade plant’s deep green and plump leaves will look cute on a windowsill in colorful pots. It also offers several feng-shui benefits, so growing it makes a lot of sense!

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15. Sedums

Sedums bear round-shaped leaves on top of upright stems that are often flushed with red that makes them look like jelly beans. This is another minimal care plant that you can show off on your kitchen windowsill.

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16. Snake Plant

The sword-like leaves of the snake plant take up less space, and it will also look great on the kitchen windowsill. It also offers many benefits.

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17. Chinese Evergreen
Chinese evergreen is one of those minimal care plants that can thrive well in almost any indoor condition. With its lush green and silvery foliage, it makes for a great choice to grow on a kitchen windowsill. 

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18. Pothos

Most gardeners who have a kitchen garden love to have some variety of pothos in the kitchen as these hardy trailing vines can thrive well in all sorts of light settings.

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19. Peace Lily


With shiny green-colored leaves and spoon-shaped spathes, peace lily looks lovely in any corner of your home, including the kitchen windowsill. However, the plant can tolerate low light conditions but is known to bloom only in bright light.

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20. Spider Plant

Spider Plant is known to thrive best in bright sunlight, and the kitchen windowsill could be one of the best spots for it to shine in all its glory! You can also grow it in hanging baskets.

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21. Philodendron

Another great choice, you can grow it on a kitchen windowsill where it will climb the grills and railings. It can do well in a small pot, and you can also grow it in water.

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22. Orchid

Orchids will be more than happy to dwell and shine with their exotic flowers on a windowsill while you cook your favorite dishes.

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23. Bromeliads

Bromeliads are the best plants to enjoy colorful foliage and long-lasting flowers, both! They do not need much care and dwell well in low light.

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24. African Violet

If you like bright flowers, then African Violets are the way to go. They prefer a warm climate and do best in bright, filtered light.

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25. Flowering Kalanchoe

Being succulent, this plant is easy to maintain and looks spectacular with its colorful blooms! It needs few good hours of sunlight to flower well.

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26. Scented Geranium


It might not be as easy to maintain and flower as other flowers on this list, but it is worth the pain. You need a south or west-facing window and moderate watering.

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