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Growing Mint in Water | How To Grow Mint Indoors

Growing Mint in Water is the best and easy way to enjoy its unlimited harvest in a small space, like a windowsill of your kitchen, all year round!

Growing Mint in Water

Growing Mint in Water is an ingenious way to enjoy its refreshing leaves all year round in small spaces! This way, you will be able to grow it in small cups, mason jars, or even glass!

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Why Should You Grow Mint in Water

Growing Mint in Water is one of the best ways to enjoy a fresh supply of leaves for garnishing in salads and adding in yogurt, chutneys, soups, noodles, and a refreshing glass of mojito! The list of mint uses is big and never-ending, but all-in-all it’s one of the most refreshing herbs you can grow.

Just get some fresh mint from a store or farmer’s market, and grow it in jars easily! No matter what type, just follow the instructions available for you below.

Growing Mint in Water


You basically just need three things – mint cuttings, water, and a glass container for growing mint in water. You can also use yogurt and milk cups or go for net cups, which are great to grow herbs hydroponically.

  1. Take a few 4-6 inches long cuttings from a healthy mint plant. You can also take sprigs from the leftover bunch purchased from the market.
  2. Strip all the bottom leaves from the cuttings but save about 2-3 sets of leaves on top.
  3. Put them in a jar filled with non-chlorinated water in a manner where only the bottom 2/3 (60-70%) part of the stem gets submerged in water. You can also use an aquarium or boiled water (after cooling it down to room temperature).
  4. You can also grow mint cuttings in beautiful mason jars, vases, and glasses on a kitchen windowsill or a tabletop. This will also work as a centerpiece.
  5. You can also grow mint in water in yogurt cups and ice cream tubs. Check out this YouTube video here to learn the steps.

Where to Keep it?

Keep cuttings in an area with indirect light. An east-facing window should be a fine choice as the plant will get some morning sunshine too! But keep it anywhere where it can receive filtered sunlight or bright shade. A couple of hours of the gentle morning sun will do no harm but avoid exposure to harsh afternoon sun.

Taking Care of Mint in Water

Feed the cuttings with water-soluble, all-purpose plant food by mixing a pinch or about 1/2 to 1 gram in a liter of water and transfer this solution into the mint growing vase. Feed the plant once every 2 weeks. You can also provide aquarium water once in a while to provide nutrients.

Change the water every 4-5 days to avoid it turning cloudy.


You’ll see the magic after one week of planting. Some growth will start and in a second week, it’ll be noticeable. Once your mint in water grows a bit bushy, you can start harvesting few leaves at a time. Pick the bigger leaves and use them fresh.

Benefits of Growing Mint in Water

Growing Mint in Water 2

The advantage of growing mint in water is, you can add more mint sprigs to the jar anytime, and they’ll grow back in a few weeks! This way, you will have a never-ending supply of fresh mint right on your kitchen windowsill!

Growing mint in water is the best way to have a fresh and organic supply of this fragrant culinary herb. You can use fresh or dried leaves in various dishes, teas, mocktails, and cocktails.

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