Orchid Flowering Secrets | How to Successfully Bloom Orchids

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Wondering how to ensure your Orchids bloom all the time? Here are some amazing Orchid Flowering Secrets that surely work!

Orchid Flowering Secrets

Orchids look the best when they are flowering all the time! But what are the tips and tricks to ensure they bloom just right? Have a look at the Orchid Flowering Secrets to find out!

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Orchid Flowering Secrets

1. Correct Light is the Key

Like every flowering plant, orchids also need the right dose of light to produce ample blooms. However, unlike other flowering plants that need direct sun, this plant requires indirect light for the best flowers.

Keep the plant safe from the direct afternoon light and expose it to plenty of indirect light throughout the day. It is the key to successfully making them bloom year after year!

Pro Tip: Place your orchid by an east-facing window where it can get some mild morning sun.

2. Are You Watering them Right?

Orchid Flowering Secrets 2

Watering holds the secret key to unlocking the best blooms in an orchid plant. Avoid watering it every day, which can result in root rot.

The best way to water the orchid is around once a week. Keep its pot below a slow-running tap and saturate the growing medium well. Avoid wetting the crown and leaves as it can lead to crown rot, which can kill the plant.

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3. Regular Garden Soil is a Big No!

In the native tropical environment, orchids grow on trees and not in the soil directly. If you want the best flowers, grow the plants in loose bark, coconut coir, or coco husk.

Also, it is a good idea to change the growing medium every year to keep the plant safe from potential diseases.

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4. Feed Them!

Orchid Flowering Secrets 2

If you want the best flowers, use half a teaspoon of balanced liquid fertilizer every time you water the plant. The results will surprise you!

Ensure you are not overfeeding them and avoid fertilizing them in winter. Also, refer to the label for the instructions.

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5. Use the Right Pot

If you have just bought a new plant, it’d be a good idea to re-pot it into a new pot, that’s one size bigger and has drainage holes at the bottom.

The plant’s roots must get plenty of air, so it’d be a good idea to get a container with more than 3-4 drainage holes at the bottom.

Remember, the plant’s roots don’t need much space to expand and grow, but they do need somewhere to go!

Making Your Orchids Rebloom

Making Your Orchids Rebloom

Orchids enter into a stage of dormancy after they finish blooming. Take it as a resting stage for the plant, where it will spend its sweet time replenishing the nutrients it has lost during the blooming process. It can last anywhere between 6-9 months.

  • Start fertilizing the plants once they enter the dormancy stage, using a balanced liquid fertilizer, diluted to 1/4 of its strength, once a month.
  • Keep the plant where it gets plenty of indirect light. Also, ensure the temperature stays between 55-70 F. Continue this till you see it growing a new flower spike.
  • After it grows a new flower spike, wait till it attains a height of 4-5 inches. Then, use a stake to support it by tying it using a string. Move it where it gets bright and indirect light all day long.
  • Once it starts to re-bloom, continue following the tips mentioned in the article!

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