50 Stunning Aglaonema Varieties | Chinese Evergreen Types

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Brighten up your home by growing one of the most colorful houseplants! Pick your favorite from these Best Aglaonema Varieties!

Chinese evergreen is an easy-to-grow plant that survives well in every indoor condition and purifies the air! With so many benefits, it makes for a great houseplant! If you, too, want to grow it, pick one of the Best Aglaonema Varieties listed below!

Best Aglaonema Varieties

1. Chinese Evergreen

Best Aglaonema Varieties

This beautiful specimen, with white striped green leaves and pale green stems, is also ranked as one of the top air-cleaning plants in the famous NASA list.

2. Burmese Evergreen

 Aglaonema Varieties- Burmese Evergreen

An ideal choice for low-light spaces like offices and homes, this variety stays lush even in the minimalistic sun.

3. Red Peacock

Best Aglaonema Varieties 2

Its green leaves are designed with pink veins and streaks, which makes for an alluring houseplant. Keep it in bright light for optimum growth and the best display of its colors.

4. Red Ruby

Aglaonema Varieties-Red Ruby in pot

Red Ruby Aglaonema is a captivating variety with rich pink-red leaves covered in green spots along the veins and the edges. Its spectacular colors can light up any home.

5. Emerald Bay

Best Aglaonema Varieties 3

Emerald Bay features a fantastic blend of dark green edges with a silver-gray center. It is more tolerant of low-light conditions than other variegated varieties.

6. Harlequin

Aglaonema Varieties-Harlequin
Image Source – ManilaPlantDepot

Harlequin changes its appearance according to light. It stays green with yellow splotches and pink veins in the shade, while light makes the leaves take a uniform yellow tint with pink hues.

7. Silver Queen

Best Aglaonema Varieties 4

The silver-green variegated leaves are lance-shaped that look stunning on short stems. The best part of the plant is–it continues to look gorgeous irrespective of the changes in light.

8. Silver King

Aglaonema Varieties-Silver king

‘Silver King’ has dark green leaves with silver beaming from the prime vein of the leaf. It survives in dim-lit areas, rooms with indirect light, hallways, and offices.

9. Maria Christina

Best Aglaonema Varieties 6

It looks quite similar to Aglaonema ‘Silver Queen,’ albeit with slightly smaller and dense foliage growth. Also, it is more cold-tolerant too!

10. Maria

Aglaonema Varieties-Maria

Native to the Philippines, it is also popular as Emerald Beauty. This slow-growing variety has deep and light green patterned foliage and is also very easy to care for and maintain.

11. Anyanmanee

Aglaonema Varieties-Anyanmanee

If you love your houseplants with spotted leaves, then this will win your heart with its dusty pink spots on dark green wide leaves!

12. Georgi’s Ruby

Best Aglaonema Varieties 11

An award-winning plant, the plant has a mix of dark and light green foliage, variegated with chartreuse and dark pink hues.

13. BJ Freeman

Best Aglaonema Varieties 8
Image Source-garden.org

The plant features large leaves with gray, green, and white markings. It is a dependable specimen when it comes to low maintenance and lighting requirements.

14. Black Lance

Anyanmanee- black lance

‘Black Lance’ is a tall, upright variety that displays long and narrow, deep green leaves with a broad strip of a silver-green streak in the middle of the foliage.

15. Brilliant

Best Aglaonema Varieties 9

Just like the name, the leaves are brilliantly mottled with cream-white midrib and creamy-gray splotches on a dark green surface. It also purifies the air and is considered to bring good luck.

16. Cory

Best Aglaonema Varieties 9
Image Source-mashrita

This aglaonema variety produces charming leaves patterned with silver-green feathery stripes on white or cream-colored stems. It also has a good tolerance to cold.

17. Deborah

Best Aglaonema Varieties 10

Deborah’s foliage has dark green edges and a matching gray-green center with veins. This low-maintenance variety is ideal for someone who’s got black thumbs.

18. Emerald Star

Aglaonema Varieties-Emrald Star

Emerald Sta has a vigorous growth rate and features dense multicolored foliage with a mix of dark and light green spots. It also handles cold very well.

19. Red Gold

Best Aglaonema Varieties 11

This cultivar shows off its best colors when kept in sunlight, but afternoon shade is a must. The leaves have a mix of green, gold, and cream, with borders covered with an exceptional shade of red.

20. Siam Aurora

Aglaonema Varieties-Siam Aurora

This beautiful Aglaonema variety is a less common cultivar with bold pink edges on green leaves. It grows upright and tolerates low light conditions and also rounds up as a lucky plant, according to Feng Shui.

21. Abidjan

Best Aglaonema Varieties 7

A rare specimen, it is a tough plant that has long and wide camouflage foliage with gray-green splotches. It is quite tolerant of shade, which makes it great for low-lit rooms.

22. Amelia

Best Aglaonema Varieties 75

‘Amelia’ is another beautiful variety with variegated dark green, silver-gray leaves. The dense foliage can bring tremendous beauty to the corners with minimalistic demands.

23. Commutatum

Aglaonema Varieties-Commutatum

This evergreen perennial resembles a dumb cane in looks. It is native to northeastern Celebes and the Philippines and grows up to 1-2 feet in height.

24. Pictum Tricolor

Best Aglaonema Varieties 76
Image Credit: Greenfloristore

This plant is mainly found in the Nias and Sumatra Islands. It is a slow-growing sub-tropical plant that has shiny leaves with astonishing colors!

25. Tigress

Aglaonema Varieties-Tigress

The long foliage makes for a bushy indoor plant, and the olive-green-colored leaves with green-white stripes are from where the plant derives its name.

26. Wishes

Best Aglaonema Varieties 78
Image Credit: Plants and Friend

This variety stands out because of its foliage. With shades of pink to red-colored leaves, this cultivar makes for an excellent houseplant. It is one of the Best Aglaonema Varieties!

27. Chocolate

Aglaonema Varieties-Chocolate


This dark green-colored plant has light pink to red-colored veins that need very little or no maintenance. Chocolate is one of the darker Aglaonema varieties.

28. Cutlass

Best Aglaonema Varieties 79
Image Credit: Whiteflowerfarm

With its long, slim leaves in the shape of a blade, Cutlass really seems to be living up to its name. The color of the foliage is pale silver-green with markings in dark green.

29. Rotundum

Aglaonema Varieties-Rotundum

It is a decorative plant with many interesting varieties to choose from. For best colors, keep it at a spot where it can get bright, indirect light.

30. Pink Moon

Best Aglaonema Varieties 80

It is an attractive plant that tolerates low-light conditions. The freckles and spots of pink and whites on the foliage make it quite stunning!

31. Lady Valentine

Aglaonema Varieties- Lady Valentine

While most of the varieties are found in shades of green, the ‘Lady Valentine’ comes in the shade of pink. The care is similar to its green counterparts, with minimal differences.

32. White Rain

Best Aglaonema Varieties 81

Aglaonema White Rain offers attractive variegated foliage with a white-cream-colored stem that flows through the leaf’s center.

33. Golden Madonna

Aglaonema Varieties- Golden Modonna
Image Credit: Nurturestate

It has cream-colored stems with green and gold spotted foliage. Golden Madonna makes for an excellent houseplant, especially for tabletops.

34. Spring Snow

Best Aglaonema Varieties 82

Aglaonema ‘Spring Snow’ is mostly known for its beautifully patterned leaves in white and green that can grow comparatively taller over time. This plant is easy to care for.

35. Favonian

Aglaonema Varieties-Favonian

The Chinese evergreen variety is another easy-to-care-for plant. It looks stunning, with pink splashed leaves having a green edge.

36. Emerald Beauty

Best Aglaonema Varieties 83

Aglaonema Emerald Beauty is good for low light. It looks attractive, with spots of light green and white on the foliage.

37. Pink Dalmatian

Aglaonema Varieties-Pink Dalmatian
Image Credit: Gardentags

Aglaonema Pink Dalmatian grows just about anywhere in the house or outdoors. As the name suggests, it has pink spots and splashes all over the leaves.

38. Green Papaya

Best Aglaonema Varieties 84
Image Credit: Plantsandfriendstogo

The plant looks stunning, thanks to its lime green-colored leaves and bright pink stems. The color retains its vibrancy and depth in every growing season.

39. Etta Rose

Aglaonema Varieties-Etta Rose

With green-colored edges and freckles on leaves in hues of red-pink, it makes for a great indoor plant. The elegant variety of aglaonema gets a pink hue when placed in low light.

40. Golden Fluorite

Best Aglaonema Varieties 85

This variety features green leaf edges, stems, and veins. Also, the leaves have splashes of golden green, pink and yellow.

41. Diamond Bay

Aglaonema Varieties-Diamond Bay

If you love houseplants with white hues, then this is it! The foliage has a wide band of white with a dark green hue on either side.

42. Butterfly

Best Aglaonema Varieties 86

It is a drought-tolerant, hardy plant that is low on maintenance and also acts as an air purifier. The leaves look like an artist has painted them!

43. Leprechaun

Aglaonema Varieties-Leprechaun

‘Leprechaun’ thrives in a compact form. The leaves have a subtle shade of cream that melts beautifully with the green edges of the foliage.

44. Silverado

Best Aglaonema Varieties 87

This variety is a popular choice for comparatively dark spaces as the bright splashes of silver-white variegation help to brighten up otherwise shaded spots.

45. Gemini

Aglaonema Varieties-Gemini

Aglaonema Gemini is one of the most used varieties with pale silver-green-colored leaves that are medium in size and curl slightly under.

46. Red Sumatra

Best Aglaonema Varieties 88

This variety is mainly grown on the island of Sumatra, hence the name. Coming in a beautiful shade of red-maroon, it is one of the best aglaonemas you can grow!

47. Red Emperor

Aglaonema Varieties-Red Emperor
Image Credit: tuxzdoplant

It is a relatively new addition to the houseplant world. This attractive plant shows off dark green-colored leaves elegantly splashed with bright red.

48. Red Emerald

Best Aglaonema Varieties 89
Image Credit: greenthumb_grace_garden

Aglaonema ‘Red Emerald’ is a stunning evergreen perennial variety from the Araceae family and is most popular for its distinct red and green-colored leaves.

49. Golden Bay

Aglaonema Varieties-Golden Bay

Golden Bay is a striking Chinese Evergreen variety with rich golden-green foliage that adds a touch of warmth and vibrancy to any space. It is known for the golden part that splits its leaves into two colors.

50. White Rajah

Aglaonema Varieties-White rajah

White Rajah is known for its stunning lance-shaped leaves adorned with a beautiful blend of white patterns on the deep green, creating a beautiful contrast.

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