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21 Amazing Terrarium Table Ideas | DIY Plant Tables

Design your personalized DIY Plant Table taking inspiration from these Amazing Terrarium Table Ideas. They are fun and easy to craft!

Check out these Amazing Terrarium Table Ideas to upgrade your interiors with a self-crafted DIY Plant Table. Read on to get the details!

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Amazing Terrarium Table Ideas

1. Multifunctional Terrarium Table

Amazing terrarium table ideas 1

This multifunctional terrarium table will be a clever addition to small apartments and homes. Get the details here.

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2. Terrarium Coffee Table

Bring home this terrarium coffee table to add an elegant and classy touch to the interiors. Get the tutorial here.

3. Terrarium Side Table

Amazing terrarium table ideas 2

Plexiglass sheets, wooden dowels, screws, wooden boards, and a few garden design supplies are all you need to craft this excellent terrarium side table. Read more here.

4. Upcycled Coffee Table


Show off your woodworking skills to make this terrarium coffee table using a cabinet door, glass sheets, and a few other essentials. Get the details here.

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5. Mini Landscape in the Living Space

Amazing terrarium table ideas 3

Amp up your living space with this mini landscape table made from clay balls, sphagnum moss, potting mix, plywood, PVC liners, and other essentials. Click here for details.

6. Self-lighting Terrarium Table

Wea Mazeika

Hook your guests with this beautiful terrarium table that glows in the dark. Get the details here.

7. Terrarium Table Made from Resin and Cardboard

Amazing terrarium table ideas 4

Display a pretty succulent garden on a terrarium coffee table using resin, cardboard box, glass sheets, wood chips, and other supplies. Get the details here.

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8. Upcycled Tire Terrarium Table

habieber.k. kadhi

This tire terrarium table can be a creative display of your upcycling and DIY skills. Watch the tutorial here.

9. Mini Terrarium Garden

Amazing terrarium table ideas 5
HGTV Handmade

This mini terrarium garden is a cute way to display your love for succulents and crafts. Click here for details.

10. Terrarium TV Table


A classy addition for smart households, this DIY terrarium TV table serves the purpose while leveraging your bland interiors. Get the details here.

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11. Assembled Landscape Table

Amazing terrarium table ideas 6

This fantastic terrarium table can be assembled easily using a terrarium assembling kit. Watch the tutorial here.

12. Table with Hinged Lid


This terrarium table with a hinged lid will help you keep track of the plant’s health while enjoying the beautiful display. Read more here.

13. Terrarium Garden Cum Coffee Table

Amazing terrarium table ideas 7

Wooden dowels, glass tabletop, potting soil, command strips, pebbles, and a faux plant are all you need to craft this DIY terrarium garden cum coffee table. Read more here.

14. Simple & Cute Terrarium Table

BuzzFeed Nifty

This cute terrarium table is super easy to assemble and serves the purpose well. Get the details here.

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15. Indoor Terrarium Table

Amazing terrarium table ideas 8

Transform your bland space with this DIY indoor terrarium table to spill out the best rustic vibes in style. Get the details here.

16. Pocket-Friendly DIY Terrarium Table

Kelly Barlow Creations

Design an economical and beautiful terrarium display for your drawing room using frugal dollar store supplies. Click here for the tutorial.

17. Outdoor Succulent Coffee Table

Amazing terrarium table ideas 9

Add some show and style to your yard with this outdoor succulent coffee table. Get the details here.

18. Beautiful Succulent Garden


This pretty succulent garden is sure to have your heart while showing off your creativity in style. Know more here.

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19. Gritty Terrarium Garden

Amazing terrarium table ideas 10

A bulky yet elegant addition to any household, this DIY garden is a must-add for an aesthetic backdrop. Watch the tutorial here.

20. Terrarium Succulent Table


A piece of furniture to outlast your love for succulents and elegant furnishing! Click here for the details.

21. Modern Terrarium Table

Amazing terrarium table ideas 11

A modern-day terrarium table is the best way to display your succulent collection and fantastic DIY skills. Read more here.

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