45 Houseplants Full of Colors | Colorful Indoor Plant Pictures

Add a dash of tints and hues to your rooms with the addition of these incredibly beautiful and easy to maintain Houseplants Full of Colors!

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Houseplants Full of Colors

1. Pink Polka Dot Plant

2. Polka Dot Begonia

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3. Aglaonema

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4. African Mask

5. Rex Begonia

6. Peperomia

Here are some beautiful Peperomia types you can grow

7. Purple Velvet Plant

8. Nerve Plant

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9. Croton

Love crotons? Here are some of its great varietiesΒ 

10. Coleus

Here are the best types of Coleus you can grow

11. Wandering Jew

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12. Purple Clover

13. Prayer Plant

14. Hedgehog Cactus

15. Oxalis

16. Waffle Plant

17. Aluminum Plant

18. Madagascar Dragon Tree

19. Star Sansevieria

20. Desert Gems Cacti

21. Cordyline Fruticosa

22. Variegated Ficus

23. Strawberry Saxifrage

24. Pencil Cactus

25. Poinsettia

26. Clivia

27. Ruby Ball Cactus

28. Crown of Thorns

29. Caladium

30. Persian Shield

31. Fuchsia

32. Zebra Plant

33. TI Plant

34. Fantasy Venice

35. Beautiful White and Pink Flowers

36. Tulips

37. Christmas Cactus

38. Arrowhead Plant

39. African Violet

40. Dark Mystery Pilea

41. Calico Kitten

42. Pink Coleus

43. Mini Bromelia

44. Poinsettia Gold

45. Croton!


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