17 Best Vegetables for Hanging Baskets

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Are you interested in growing veggies in tight and small spaces? Here are the Best Vegetables for Hanging Baskets you can try!

If you live in an apartment but want to enjoy a fresh harvest of greens, then growing small vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, and peppers along with herbs in baskets make a lot of sense. Check out the Best Vegetables for Hanging Baskets that you can cultivate easily!

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Best Vegetables for Hanging Baskets

1. Tomatoes

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Cherry, grape, and bush tomatoes are perfect for hanging baskets. For best display and yield, grow Micro-Tom, Tumbling Tom, Whippersnapper, Roma Celebrity, and Aztec Micro Dwarf. Make sure they get plenty of sunlight. 

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2. Sweet Potato

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Cascading sweet potato vines are another excellent option for your hanging garden that will produce fresh and healthy yields. It looks great too!

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3. Asian Greens 

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There is a wide range of Asian Greens, including Mizuna, Pak Choi, Mibuna, and more, that you can consider growing in hanging baskets. They do well in bright but indirect light. 

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4. Spinach

Spinach is another popular and suitable option for your hanging garden in a comparatively shaded and cool location. Get a steady supply of nutritious greens throughout the year. 

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5. Chard


Chards not only make for great hanging basket vegetables, but they also look quite beautiful! All you need is a sunny spot, and they will be happy to thrive.

6. Eggplant

If you fancy growing eggplants in your hanging garden, consider Patio Baby, which you can also grow upside down. These veggies grow up to only 2-3 inches in size. 

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7. Tomatillo

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Tomatillo is not similar to tomatoes though they are related. You can also grow this veggie in a hanging basket, as this plant tends to trail over the sides of the container. 

8. Peppers


Types that grow well in hanging baskets are compact and small varieties such as Fuego, Basket of Fire, Pretty in Purple, Razzamatazz, Apache, and Prairie Fire. 

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9. Cape Gooseberries

Cape Gooseberries or Ground Cherry is another vegetable that you can quickly grow in hanging pots. Grow it upside down or like tomatoes as it will cascade over the sides. 

10. Cucumbers

Some of the best options include Summer Dance and Patio Pickle. There is a better chance for a dwarf variety to thrive best in a hanging container as they stay compact.

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11. Cucamelons


These tiny melons are like cucumbers in the shape of small watermelons. They are fuss free to grow in hanging baskets as long as they get plenty of sunlight.  

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12. Zucchini


Growing it in a basket is not a challenging task as long as you remember to feed the plant regularly and give it plenty of bright light to thrive well. 

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13. Peas


You can let peas cascade over the sides of a hanging container instead of growing them on stick supports or trellis. It will provide you with a fresh, delicious yield.

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14. Beans


From trailing vine varieties to dwarf bush ones, a range of beans can work well in hanging containers. Do not grow more than one plant per container.

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15. Lettuce


It is a quick and easy-growing vegetable that also looks ornamental. It’ll grow easily in a hanging basket and continue following the cut and come again method. 

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16. Swiss chard


Swiss Chard can be an excellent addition to a covered balcony, porch, or patio, as they do not need direct and full sunlight. It can even do well in colder temperatures. 

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17. Mustard

With lovely and lacy leaves, mustards look excellent and work best in a hanging container. Just make sure not to expose it to direct sunlight for long hours.

Bonus – Culinary Herbs For Hanging Baskets!

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Some of the best herbs you can grow in hanging baskets are:

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