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25 Best Types of Cucumber | Best Cucumber Varieties

Famous for their use in salads and great for eating fresh, these different Types of Cucumber are the best to grow in your home and garden!

Having a mild and refreshing taste, Cucumbers are widely used in dips, salads, and sandwiches. You must be aware of their countless benefits, but do you know about the different types of cucumbers? Continue reading to know about the best ones to grow in your garden!

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Types of Cucumber

Cucumbers are categorized into four types.

  • Slicing 
  • Pickling 
  • Burpless 
  • Space Savers

In the following section of the article, we are going to discuss each of them, with their varieties.

Slicing Cucumbers

Types of Cucumber

These are consumed in unripe form when the skin is green. This variety is also known as English cucumber and Telegraph cucumber.

1. Greensleeves

Harvest Time: 50-55 days

Produces dark green cucumbers with a small seed cavity. Tastes best in salads and sandwiches.

2. Marketmore 76

Harvest Time: 55-60 days

It has long and slender fruits with white spines. An excellent variety for the gardens.

3. Dasher II

Harvest Time: 50-60 days

A hybrid and slim variety with a crisp taste. Produces slim and long, dark-skinned fruits.

4. Straight Eight

Harvest Time: 60-65 days

An excellent choice for pickles. It offers a great taste when eaten raw. Grows in a small, high yielding vine.

5. Raider

Harvest Time: 50-55 days

Great for slicing and salads, both. This glossy skinned cucumber is apt for cold northern regions.

6. Sweet Success

Harvest Time: 60-65 days

It offers a crisp and sweet flavor with no bitter taste. The cucumber has a thin skin that needs no peeling.

7. Slice Master

Harvest Time: 45-50 days

Good for slicing. It has a slightly sweet taste and offers a good yield.

Pickling Cucumbers

Specially grown for the preparation of commercial pickles and known as picklers. They can grow up to 3-4 inches long and 1 inch wide. This variety features short, thick cucumbers with bumpy skin in creamy yellow to dark green colors.

8. Pickle Bush

Harvest Time: 50-55 days

A high yielding variety with compact vines. The cucumbers are crisp with a tasty flavor.

9. Saladin

Harvest Time: 60-65 days

Tender fruits that pair well with salads and can also be eaten raw. Good for greenhouse growing too.

10. County Fair 83

Harvest Time: 50-55 days

It offers a sweet flavor with no bitterness. A seedless variety that’s perfect for whole pickling and chips.

11. National Pickling

Harvest Time: 50-55 days

Crisp texture with a sweet taste. Easy to grow and harvest.

12. Regal

Harvest Time: 50-55 days

Disease resistant variety with a high yield. A solid pick for home gardens.

Burpless Cucumbers

Types of Cucumber 2

This type has thin skin and sweet flavor. Burpless cucumbers are almost seedless and easy to digest. A common sight at the grocery stores.

13. Sweet Slice

Harvest Time: 60-65 days

It has a very sweet and crisp taste with no hint of bitterness. The fruits are cylindrical and have thin skin that requires no peeling.

14. Burpless Hybrid

Harvest Time: 60-65 days

Superb for slicing and pickling, both. It has bright green fruits that offer a high yield.

15. Orient Express

Harvest Time: 65-68 days

Crunchy, thin skin fruits with a mild taste. Good to grow on trellis or fence.

Space Saver Cucumbers

Like the name, this type is an apt choice for growing in limited space or small areas. Also, an ideal pick for growing in containers or baskets

16. Fanfare

Harvest Time: 65-68 days

A disease tolerant variety that also offers a mouth-watering taste. A dwarf bush with high yield.

17. Spacemaster

Harvest Time: 60-62 days

The best choice for container growing. A compact and productive plant that grows a max length of 25-28 inches.

18. Bush Champion

Harvest Time: 58-75 days

A small and compact variety with long fruits. Grows both male and female flowers.

19. Pot Luck

Harvest Time: 55-65 days

An outstanding choice for small pots or window boxes. Extremely productive variety.

20. Bush Crop

Harvest Time: 60-62 days

Tender and crisp fruits with exceptional flavor. A dwarf and bushy variety that grows up to 3-4 feet.

21. Salad Bush

Harvest Time: 60-65 days

Slicing variety that also offers a sweet taste. Best for eating raw or use in salads and offers a high yield.

22. Bush Whopper

Harvest Time: 55-60 days

This dwarf plant is perfect for containers. Its cucumbers are tender and slightly sweet in taste.

Specialty Cucumbers

Types of Cucumber 3

These include the heirloom varieties that require no need for pollination to fruit. 

23. Armenian Cucumber

Harvest Time: 55-60 days

Thin skin cucumbers with light green color and tiny seeds. A good choice for sweet or dill pickling.

24. Lemon Cucumber

Harvest Time: 60-70 days

Round in shape, this cucumber has a lemon color skin with a mild taste.

25. Itachi Cucumber

Harvest Time: 55-60 days

What sets this cucumber apart is its white skin. It has a crisp and sweet taste.


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