16 Common Plants that Attract Snakes

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Do you know about Plants that Attract Snakes? This article will shed light on the relationship these creatures share with nature. 

Understanding the relationship between flora and fauna is essential for wildlife conservation and research. Snakes, often misunderstood creatures, have specific habitat preferences that include particular types of plants. This guide delves into Plants that Attract Snakes and the reasons behind these preferences.

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Plants that Attract Snakes – Native Grasses: The Habitat Foundation

1. Tall Fescue

Plants that Attract Snakes 1

2. Buffalo Grass

Types of Snakes Attracted: Garter Snakes, Corn Snakes

  • Attributes: Native grasses offer coverage and a place to hunt small prey.
  • Reason for Attraction: The thick, tall growth offers snakes protection from predators and extreme weather conditions.

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Plants that Attract Snakes: The Aquatic Lure

3. Cattails

Plants that Attract Snakes 3

4. Water Lilies

Types of Snakes Attracted: Water Snakes, Cottonmouths

  • Attributes: Water plants like cattails and water lilies offer an ideal setting for water-based snakes.
  • Reason for Attraction: Such water plants attract frogs and fish, making them a rich feeding ground for water-loving snakes.

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Plants that Attract Snakes – Berry-Bearing Shrubs: The Food Source Magnet

5. Blackberry

Plants that Attract Snakes 5

6. Raspberry


Types of Snakes Attracted: Rat Snakes, King Snakes

  • Attributes: These shrubs produce berries that attract rodents, providing a food source for snakes.
  • Reason for Attraction: The abundance of prey animals near these shrubs makes them an attractive spot for snakes to frequent.

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Plants that Attract Snakes – Succulents and Desert Plants: Xeric Environment Dwellers

7. Agave

Plants that Attract Snakes 7

8. Saguaro Cactus

Types of Snakes Attracted: Rattlesnakes, Sidewinders

  • Attributes: These plants are adapted to arid conditions and offer hiding spots for desert-adapted snakes.
  • Reason for Attraction: Their structural complexity provides shade and camouflaging benefits for snakes like rattlesnakes.

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Plants that Attract Snakes: Vines and Creepers

9. Ivy

Plants that Attract Snakes 9

10. Wisteria

Types of Snakes Attracted: Green Tree Pythons, Vine Snakes

  • Attributes: Vines and creepers provide an elevated hunting ground for tree-dwelling snakes.
  • Reason for Attraction: These plants offer vantage points for observing prey and avenues for quick vertical movement.

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11. Milkweed

Plants that Attract Snakes 11

12. Lavender


Types of Snakes Attracted: Garter Snakes, Coral Snakes

  • Attributes: These plants produce fragrant flowers that attract a variety of insects.
  • Reason for Attraction: The presence of insects in turn attracts small prey animals like small lizards and frogs, making it a multi-tiered food web beneficial for snakes.

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Rock Garden Plants: Rocky Refuge

13. Moss

Plants that Attract Snakes 13

14. Ferns

Types of Snakes Attracted: Copperheads, Brown Snakes

  • Attributes: Plants like moss and ferns are often found in rock gardens, which provide snakes with ample hiding spots.
  • Reason for Attraction: The rocky terrain offers gaps and crevices that serve as ideal hideouts for these snake species.

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Plants that Attract Snakes: Wild Flowers 

15. Queen Anne’s Lace

Plants that Attract Snakes 15

16. Goldenrod

Types of Snakes Attracted: Garter Snakes, Rat Snakes, Corn Snakes, Eastern Ribbon Snakes

  • Attributes: Many wildflowers grow in clusters, providing excellent cover and camouflage for snakes. They attract insects, and where there are insects, snakes are likely to follow!
  • Reason for Attraction: These plants offer a rich feeding ground for snakes, which often eat insects and small amphibians. The microclimates around wildflowers may offer snakes a suitable range of temperatures for thermoregulation, allowing them to maintain optimal body temperature.

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