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Take inspiration from these 15 Balcony Hammock Pictures that are not just easy to set up but offer a cozy spot to unwind after a long day!

If you think that Hammocks are only reserved for backyards and gardens, then these Balcony Hammock Pictures will bust that myth! Pick one for your apartment from this list.

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Balcony Hammock Pictures

1. Single Hammock in a Wooden Theme Balcony

Balcony Hammock Pictures

Looking for a hammock for the balcony? Create a cozy retreat with a single hammock on your wooden-themed balcony by taking inspiration from this picture.

2. Hammock Surrounded by Plants

A serene balcony oasis featuring a hammock adorned with vibrant cushions, set against a backdrop of minimalist greenery. The tranquil setting offers an ideal relaxation spot.

3. Hammock, Paintings, and Plants

Balcony Hammock Pictures 2

Elevate your space with a fringed white hammock surrounded by natural wooden elements and modern art prints. Lush greenery and a woven table with refreshments amplify the ambiance of relaxation.

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4. Hammock Under Lights in Small Balcony


Turn your small balcony into a quiet space with a hammock and string lights. Add wooden furniture and potted plants to complete the setting for a touch of nature.

5. Retractable Hammock

Balcony Hammock Pictures 3

This retractable balcony hammock offers elegance, convenience, and comfort. Plants flank its sides, adding greenery to the space and providing a distinct contrast.

6. Blue Hammock in Narrow Balcony

Add a touch of tranquility to your narrow balcony with a cozy teal hammock above a patterned rug, creating a relaxing space in a limited area.

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7. Hammock with a Backdrop of Plants in Hanging Baskets

Balcony Hammock Pictures 4

A white hammock stretches across a balcony framed by hanging plants. Above, pots dangle from the ceiling, showcasing diverse greenery.

8. Hammock on Apartment Balcony

A striped hammock hangs on a balcony with wooden flooring. Nearby, a potted plant sits beside a vertical wall garden.

TIP: If you want to know how to hang a hammock on a balcony, install sturdy hooks or anchors in the wall or ceiling, ensuring they can support your weight. Hang the hammock securely, maintaining a slight curve for comfort.

9. Hammock with Potted Plants and Coffee Table

Balcony Hammock Pictures 6

Create an inviting outdoor space with a hammock surrounded by wooden seating that offers a place to relax, the potted plants bring greenery to the urban setting.

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10. Best Hammock for Balcony

Enhance the serenity of your white balcony with a hammock enveloped by an array of potted plants. The overall look is enhanced by spherical lanterns, adding subtle illumination.

11. Hammock in Covered Balcony

Balcony Hammock Pictures 7

Create a cozy retreat in your covered balcony with a hammock, offering a sheltered and relaxing space to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the weather.

12. Hammock in a Corner

Maximize your space by placing a hammock in a corner, creating a snug and inviting nook for relaxation and unwinding in your own home. A patterned rug sits below, surrounded by potted plants.

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13. Sunlit Balcony with Hammock

Balcony Hammock Pictures 8

Bask in the sun on your balcony with a hammock surrounded by lush green plants, a perfect spot to soak up the warmth and enjoy leisure amidst city buildings.

14. Hammock with Artistic Touch

Combine comfort and coziness with a hammock with eclectic artwork, decor, and a nearby couch, providing the perfect setting for relaxed lounging and unwinding in your space.

15. Small Hammock for Balcony

Balcony Hammock Pictures 9

Transform your compact balcony with a small hammock, offering a snug and space-efficient spot for relaxation and leisure in your limited outdoor area.

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