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15 DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens | Step by Step Tutorial

Here are some amazing DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens Ideas that you can copy! They take up less space too!

Check out some really easy-to-make DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens along with a step-by-step tutorial that will guide you into making them easily!

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DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Garden Step-by-Step Tutorial

Required Materials

DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens

  • Terracotta Pots
  • Spray Paint
  • Screw Driver
  • Screws & Hooks
  • Wood Plank
  • Plumbing Clamps
  • Assorted Herbs

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1. Get the Pots

Get terracotta pots of the size of herbs you’re planning to grow.

2. Spray Paint Them

DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens 2

Choose the paint color wisely. You can also skip this step if you don’t want to change the natural terracotta color.

3. Gather the Plumbing Clamps

Gather the plumbing clamps equal to the number of terracotta pots you’re using.

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4. Arrange Plumbing Clamps

DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens 3

You’ll need a wooden plank and plumbing clamps to fit the pots in the place.

5. Screw Clamps on Wood

Screw the plumbing clamps firmly on the wooden plank with a screwdriver.

6. Place Pots

DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens 4

Put the pots into the clamps.

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7. Tighten the screws

Tighten the screw to ensure a sturdy placement.

8. Add Growing Medium

DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens 8

Put your gardening gloves on (if you want to) and fill the light potting soil in each pot.

9. Plant the Herbs and Hang!

Plant your favorite cooking herbs and hang this indoor herb garden near a window, where it can receive a few hours of direct sunlight.

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DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens

1. Vertical Hanging Herb Garden

DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens 16

Try this vertical hanging herb garden! It is really easy to make and looks good too! Follow the tutorial here.

2. Hanging Herb Garden Indoor in a Shoe Organiser

Make smart use of an extra shoe organizer and create this wall-hanging herb garden. Check the tutorial here.

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3. Hanging Window Herb Garden

DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens 22

Create a DIY window herb garden for a fresh supply year-round. This way, your plants will get sufficient light as well. You can use this setup for hanging dried herbs too!

4. Hanging Herb Planter

Cook with fresh herbs by growing them easily, as shown in the picture above. Follow the video for details.

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5. Potted Indoor Herb Garden Hanging

DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens 30

DIY this hanging kitchen herb garden for an uninterrupted supply year-round at zero cost. Details are here.

6. Indoor Wall Herb Garden

No worries if you have limited space but also have the desire to grow fresh herbs. Follow this tutorial and create a wall herb garden. You can also use this setup for drying herbs by hanging them.

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7. Window Herb Hanging Basket

DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens 40

This fun project of Herb Hanging Basket will provide you with freshly grown herbs. Check the video here for details.

8. Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

Copy this indoor hanging herb garden idea discussed in this video for growing scented herbs.

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9. Indoor Hanging Herb Garden Wall

DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens 50

Create a herb wall garden that supplies not only fresh herbs but also looks aesthetic. Check the video here.

10. Indoor Hanging Herb Basket

A green thumb is not needed to grow fresh herbs. You can do this in compact homes as well. Learn the DIY here.

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11. Wall Herb Garden From PVC Pipe

DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens 51

You will only need tools, plywood, and PVC pipe to make this vertical wall herb garden. Check the DIY here.

12. IKEA Kitchen Herb Wall Garden

Check this DIY and make this wall-hanging herb garden in your kitchen.

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13. Upside Down Kitchen Herb Garden

DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens 11

Expand your indoor planting with this easy idea! Grow herbs in upside-down planters as directed in this post.

14. Hanging Mason Jar Herb Garden

Grow fragrant herbs in mason jars and hang them on your bright window as directed in this post here.

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15. Upside Down Hanging Herb Garden in Tin Cans

DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens 9

Tin cans can be used to create hanging herb gardens indoors; check the video here.

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