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30 Small City Garden Ideas | Great Urban Gardens

A compact garden will give you the perks of living close to nature while taking up a little space. Check out some great Small City Garden Ideas here.

Even if you have a small space in your home or apartment, you can use it wisely to grow plants in a way that helps you create a mini garden. Be it a tiny terrace, a petite patio, or an urban balcony–you can transform the look using these amazing Small City Garden Ideas.

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Small City Garden Ideas

1. Tiny Garden Design

Beautiful white flowers, a bed of grass, a verticle garden, and two chairs to enjoy the view. What more could you ask for?

2. A Front Garden Layout

A small garden in front of your house will look great with plants, chairs, tables, climbers, and shelves on the wall that can be further used to place pots.

3. Small Patio Garden

Small City Garden Ideas 14

Bright furniture like these blue chairs and tables can transform the look of any small patio garden with an eye-catching contrasting look.

4. Modern Terrace Garden

Small City Garden Ideas 9

Transform the look of your terrace with plants and tables. Works best for small and large spaces both.

5. Outdoor Garden With Red Chairs

Small City Garden Ideas 3

A mini outdoor garden is a great area to spend quality time with your family members.

6. A French Backyard

Small City Garden Ideas 6

Invite a French look to your backyard with a long table flanked by metal chairs and plants in pots.

7. A Modern Garden

Small City Garden Ideas 2

A modern garden with a wooden pathway will make for a great addition to your backyard.

8. Small Urban Front Yard

Transform the look of your urban front yard by growing plants and placing a bench by the window.

9. Urban Rooftop Garden Design

This urban rooftop garden with a long table and relaxing chairs is a perfect place for weekend parties with your friends.

10. Small Urban Rooftop Garden

Small City Garden Ideas 5

A small roof of your urban apartment can be a great place to grow plants around a sitting arrangement.

11. Greenhouse With a Lounge

The greenhouse will offer a perfect environment to grow plants while giving you plenty of space to hang out on weekends.

12. Small Garden for Kids

Small City Garden Ideas 7

The kids are going to appreciate a small garden where they can play in the vicinity of plants.

13. A Trendy Modern Garden

This trendy garden design with circular glasses on a dark blue wall is best for small places and offers the right use of space.

14. Small Backyard Garden

A mini cooking station in the backyard surrounded by plants will make for a great spot for weekend barbeque parties.

15. Garden Pond With Sitting Area

A mini garden pond with greenery will make for an ideal place to spend time with your loved ones.

16. A Green Courtyard

Small City Garden Ideas 10

A large tree in the courtyard with small plants can be a great place to unwind after a hard day’s work.

17. Outdoor Garden with a TV

Watch the soccer game on your TV on a bright summer day while enjoying the touch of nature in your mini outdoor garden.

18. Roof Garden

Small City Garden Ideas 11

This mini roof garden with a wooden floor and large round containers are perfect for people who have a small space.

19. An Urban Rooftop

This urban rooftop with plants around the metal railing redefines the way people make gardens in tight spaces!

20. Compact Balcony Garden

Small City Garden Ideas 12

You can still enjoy the wonders of nature, even if you have a very small urban balcony, by growing colorful flowers.

21. Balcony Flower Garden in the City

Grow beautiful flowers like hydrangeas in this picture on your balcony and invite beautiful shades of color to the space.

22. A Colorful Terrace Garden

Bring colors and nature to your terrace by growing different plants and creating a wonderful space to hang out.

23. A Fire Escape Garden

Image Source: brooklandscape

A compact green space in a fire escape, along with a relaxing chair, would make for a great sit-out.

24. A Tiny Urban Garden

Don’t let the small space stop you from making a mini garden by growing plants of your choice in small pots on a wooden wall. Use a terrarium and candles to spice up the look.

25. Sewing Machine Table for Plants

A sewing machine table will make for a great stand where you can put multiple pots together.

26. Plants on a Mini Balcony

Flowering plants can add a lot of appeal to a small space and can transform the look of a balcony like this completely!

27. Decorate a Terrace Apartment

Deck up the look of your terrace apartment by growing plants in bathroom furnishings!

28. A Small Backyard Patio Garden

Colorful cushions on the couch will match perfectly with the surrounding greens of plants and flowers of different hues.

29. Introduce New Levels

Image Source: David Giles

Make a step garden in your small backyard to create a lush-looking spot complete with grass and plants.

30. Small Dining Table and Plants

Image Source: Dunelm

This can be a sweet spot to have a drink with your loved one, surrounded by plants and overhead lights.

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