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24 Fantastic DIY Gnome Garden Ideas

Use these DIY Gnome Garden Ideas to give an interesting look to your garden. These are easy and worth giving a try.

We love to experiment with our gardening at home. In addition to growing the latest plant varieties, we can try our hand at adding some interesting characters like Gnomes to our garden. Read on and check out how to use the DIY Gnome Garden Ideas to take your garden aesthetics to the next level.

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DIY Gnome Garden Ideas

1. Hillarious Gnome Statues

DIY Gnome Garden Ideas

The garden ideas do not have to be all serious. You can add this Gnome idea to add a comic look to your garden. Check out the idea here. It is one of the best DIY Gnome Garden Ideas.

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2. Bathing Gnomes in the Garden

It will be fun to add some Gnome characters who are doing some fun activities. How about adding these bathing Gnomes to your DIY list? Here is the idea. 

3.  Gnome as a Welcome Sign

DIY Gnome Garden Ideas 2

Add this Gnome idea at the entry of the garden and give your visitors a welcome vibe while they enter your house. Check out how this welcome sign with Gnome looks. It is one of the best DIY Gnome Garden Ideas.

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4. Gnome Solar Garden Stake Light

You can light up your outdoor space with this Gnome Solar Garden Stake Light. Use white LED lights to execute this idea with ease.

5. Lone Gnome Watchman

DIY Gnome Garden Ideas 7

If you don’t want to add multiple Gnomes to your garden idea. You can take the liberty of adding a single Gnome, which will be like a watchman in your garden. Check out this picture for inspiration. It is one of the best DIY Gnome Garden Ideas.

6. Gnomes Playing Draughts

This garden idea is for you if you love playing chess or draughts at your home. Use this idea and give your garden a playful look.

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7. Fishing Gnome

DIY Gnome Garden Ideas 9

Some gardens come with a small pond adding to their overall beauty. That kind of setup is best for fixing a gnome as if it is fishing in the garden. Take some inspiration from this idea and execute your own fishing gnome garden look. It is one of the best DIY Gnome Garden Ideas.

8. Gnomes in the Hanging Baskets

Enhance the look of your garden by using hanging baskets and gnomes together. In this garden idea, your gnomes will look like secret watchers watching over your garden. Here is the idea.

9. Golf-Playing Gnomes

DIY Gnome Garden Ideas 10

One of the best garden ideas for sports enthusiasts must include adding a sporty touch to your garden. Set up a golf-playing gnome and let your garden be a playing field like this. It is one of the best DIY Gnome Garden Ideas.

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10. Gnome Book-Reading Idea

Gnomes reading a book in your garden is interesting because these give an intelligent vibe. You can set Gnomes under the trees of your garden, and your children will love it.

11. Gnome-themed wooden Log

DIY Gnome Garden Ideas 12

This idea will help you put the idle logs in your garden to good use. Set up this garden idea by using a part of a wooden log and improvise by adding some decor. It is one of the best DIY Gnome Garden Ideas.

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12. Treehouse for Gnomes

Use your creativity to add a tree house of Gnomes in the garden. You can install a gnome tree door on a tree trunk or stump and give your garden a magical touch. Here is the idea.

13.  Treehouse with Stairs

DIY Gnome Garden Ideas 16

This DIY will need a bit more improvisation to enhance the look of the garden. If you want to make this Gnome garden, install the door of the treehouse a few feet higher than the ground and fix tiny stairs as well. It is one of the best DIY Gnome Garden Ideas.

14. Gnome House in the Center

You can make a gnome house the center of attraction by setting it up in the middle of your garden. It may require a little more effort but see how beautiful it looks in the end.

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15. DIY Gnome Village on Trees

DIY Gnome Garden Ideas 21

Your garden trees can be used for more than providing shade and a beautiful look. Set up a Gnome village at the top of the multiple trees that are already in your garden area. It will help you in using all the elements of your garden. Here is the idea. It is one of the best DIY Gnome Garden Ideas.

16.  DIY Gnome on the walkway

Why keep the walkway dull when you can add this magical idea to the walkway of your garden? Don’t remove your old tree stump at the entry of your garden. You can instead use it to build a treehouse for gnomes.

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17. Exclusive Gnome Garden

DIY Gnome Garden Ideas 29

If you are pretty much obsessed with gnome themes, you can have an exclusive space in your garden that is dotted with Gnomes of different sizes and shapes. Here is how this DIY will look. It is one of the best DIY Gnome Garden Ideas.

18. Gnomes for a Garden Party

Give a fun look to your garden by executing this easy DIY Gnomes for a Garden Party. You can add this idea to the sidewalk or the entry point of your garden easily. 

19. Gnome Kindergarten

DIY Gnome Garden Ideas 35

If you have a lot of gnomes at your disposal, this idea is for you. This is a great garden idea that will help you to use any small pieces of wood or other materials that you may have lying around. Here is the DIY idea. It is one of the best DIY Gnome Garden Ideas.

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20. Gnome Bridge

If you have an old tree in your backyard or garden, you can build a rope bridge for gnomes and fairies using the remains of that tree. This DIY idea will give an exotic look to your garden, and it is pretty easy to execute. It is one of the best DIY Gnome Garden Ideas.

21. Gnome Village in the Pot

DIY Gnome Garden Ideas 45

This DIY just requires an extra pot where you can set the idea. A wooden log is again the main element of the idea, in addition to a medium-sized pot. Here is how this can look.

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22. Square planter Gnome DIY

This DIY can be easily made on the bottom of a tree. Create a square flower bed that will help you put your Gnomes and flower together. Here is how. It is one of the best DIY Gnome Garden Ideas.

23. Castle-themed Gnome DIYDIY Gnome Garden Ideas 51

Use the tiny castle towers and Gnomes together to create this beautiful garden idea. The addition of these artificial towers will take the garden look to the next level.

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24. Gnome DIY from big planters

You can use big pots like these to create a Gnome-themed garden idea. Once the idea is executed, place the pots at your desired location, and you are good to go. It is one of the best DIY Gnome Garden Ideas.

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