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Have a burst of many shades in your home or yard with the Most Beautiful Multicolor Flowers! Pick your favorite from the list below!

Grow these Multicolor Flowers and add a burst of vivid hues to your garden. These are also great to invite butterflies and birds!

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Most Beautiful Multicolor Flowers

1. Lantana

Botanical Name: Lantana ‘Fruity Pebbles’

Fruity Pebbles displays multicolors in a spectacular fashion! ‘Buttonsage’ is also loved for its subtle white blooms with yellow spots in clusters.

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2. Strawflower

Botanical Name: Xerochrysum bracteatum

These daisy-like annuals produce multicolor blooms that will light up your garden throughout summer and spring.

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3. Roses

Botanical Name: Rosa

Roses are pretty shrubs that bloom florets of exotic white, purple, pink, yellow, red, and blue shades. You can also mix and match different varieties.

4. Pansy

Botanical Name: Viola tricolor var. hortensis

The vivid and beautiful petals of pansy come in a range of vibrant shades including purple, violet, red, white, orange, and yellow.

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5. Anemone

Botanical Name: Anemone

Anemones are one of the most colorful varieties that will spruce up your yard with a pop of vibrant colors. Make sure they get plenty of sunlight.

6. Beardtongues

Botanical Name: Penstemon

This herbaceous variety features beautiful spikes of clustered tubular flowers on emerald green foliage. Grow them by the fence for the best display.

7. Hydrangea

Botanical Name: Hydrangea

The stunning shrub will fill your summer and spring garden with ruffled clusters of pink, purple, blue, white, green, and, red flowers.

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8. Nemesia


Botanical Name: Nemesia

These colorful annuals feature tender florets in purple, white, blue, orange, pink, and red shades with contrasting centers.

9. Aster


Botanical Name: Aster

The star-shaped flower petals will add much-needed charm to your garden with lovely shades of purple, blue, pink, and white.

10. Petunia

Botanical Name: Petunia × atkinsiana

The pretty bell-shaped flowers look best in hanging baskets. You can grow them in clusters on the garden bed or pot with other flowers on this list.

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11. Zinnia

Botanical Name: Zinnia

Zinnias make the prettiest cut flowers with bright daisy-like blooms in pink, red, orange, white, yellow, and multicolor shades.

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12. Honeysuckle

Botanical Name: Lonicera

This is a hardy variety that displays sweet-smelling flowers in pink, yellow, peach, and white on blue-green foliage.

13. Freesia


Botanical Name: Freesia

The funnel-shaped flower clusters grow in pink, yellow, purple, mauve, orange, and white shades on long slender stems.

14. Blue Tango Aechmea


Botanical Name: Aechmea ‘Blue Tango’

‘Blue Tango’ displays elegant bright flowers that do best in full sun. The tall stalks contrast beautifully with the green foliage.

15. Lobster Claw


Botanical Name: Heliconia rostrata

Also known as hanging parrot’s beak, the plant showcases banana-like leathery foliage and bright red bracts with yellow-green tips.

16. Gazania

Botanical Name: Gazania ‘Big Kiss White Flame’

This variety boasts large creamy white flowers patterned with dark pink stripes and golden disks. They look great both in pots and garden beds.

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17. Bearded Iris

Botanical Name: Iris germanica

‘Celebration Song’ has ruffled petals in lavender-blue and apricot-pink hues. Its clusters look simply stunning, thanks to its cotton-like appearance.

18. Bird of Paradise


Botanical Name: Strelitzia reginae

Also popular as the orange crane flower, it shows off spikes of orange blossoms with blue overtone. The dark green pointed leaves have blue-green undersides.

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19. Blanket Flower

Botanical Name: Gaillardia x grandiflora ‘Fanfare’

The beautiful pinwheel scarlet flowers are embellished with trumpet-shaped petals having bright yellow tips.

20. Purple Passionflower


Botanical Name: Passiflora incarnata

This climbing vine features beautiful purple-white flowers. The petals are fringed and have wavy hair strands with a peach-pink center.

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21. Cineraria


Botanical Name: Pericallis hybrida

Also known as Florist’s Cineraria, the beautiful purple and white daisy-like flowers have a brown center. It does best in full sun.

22. Blue Bird Hibiscus

Botanical Name: Hibiscus syriacus ‘Blue Bird’

This beautiful hibiscus variety offers large blue flowers with deep maroon and yellow centers with white hues.

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23. 4’o clock

Botanical Name: Mirabilis jalapa

These trumpet-shaped flowers come in exotic shades of pink, red, yellow, magenta, white, and marbled textures. It does best in bright light.

24. Aechmea

Botanical Name: Aechmea

Aechmea features large showy pink flowers while the variegated foliage in silver, burgundy, and green steals the show.

25. Ruby Spider


Botanical Name: Hemerocallis ‘Ruby Spider’

This daylily cultivar produces large, ruby red, flat, starry flowers with beautiful golden throats atop arching foliage.

26. Collarette Dahlia

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Collarette’

Collarette Dahlia has flat flowers with a small inner ring of petals near the center. The blooms come in different colors.

27. Dark Eyes Fuchsia


Botanical Name: Fuchsia hybrid ‘Dark Eyes’

‘Dark Eyes’ is a cheerful fuchsia variety that shows off beautiful flowers in deep pink and blue shades. It is one of the best Multicolor Flowers you can grow!

28. Calla lily

Botanical Name: Zantedeschia

These pretty tubular flowers emerge from green and white variegated foliage in shades of white, orange, pink, red, and purple.

29. Asiatic Lily


Botanical Name: Lilium auratum ‘Patricia’s Pride’

This six-petaled flower looks like a star and its creamy-white blossoms have dark plum markings on each petal with appealing stamens in green filaments.

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30. Butterfly Amaryllis


Botanical Name: Hippeastrum papilio

This cultivar got its name from the Latin word ‘butterfly.’ Its striped petals are adorned in magenta and green veins.

31. Blue Pearl Crocus

Botanical Name: Crocus Chrysanthus ‘Blue Pearl’

This crocus variety features pale lavender-blue and white petals with yellow-orange centers. It opens and closes with the sunlight.

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32. Painted Doubles

Botanical Name: Helleborus x hybridus ‘Painted Doubles’

‘Painted Doubles’ exhibits white blooms patterned in red or burgundy shades with white margins and lemon-yellow centers.

33. Lily of the Incas

Botanical Name: Alstroemeria

This patterned flower consists of three petals and sepals in deep orange color with maroon markings. It looks beautiful in clusters.

34. Matchsticks Chrysanthemum

Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum ‘Matchsticks’

‘Matchsticks’ looks fantastic with a dark yellow hue having scarlet red tips. The flower has a fascinating shape with quilled and spooned petals.

35. Giant Crinum Lily


Botanical Name: Crinum asiaticum

Crinum lily displays clusters of white spidery blooms on the large central stem. While boasting multiple colors,  the interesting shape makes it more appealing.

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