22 Ways to Use Philodendron in Garden | Philodendron Display Ideas

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Here are some 22 Ways to Use Philodendrons in a home or garden to provide a tropical touch to your indoor and outdoor space.

Philodendrons are versatile and stunning plants that can elevate the interior of your home. But do you know they can also be great shade plants outside? Whether you want to create an indoor oasis or a captivating outdoor landscape, check out these different Ways to Use Philodendrons in the Home or Garden.

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Ways to Use Philodendron – Indoor Display

1. Hanging Baskets

Ways to Use Philodendron 1

Choose vining varieties like brasil to create lush hanging displays in well-lit indoor spaces.

2. Climbing Statement Wall

Train the plant to climb a trellis against a plain wall, adding a touch of tropical elegance to your interiors.

3. Table Centerpiece

Ways to Use Philodendron 3

Place a potted plant on your table to introduce a refreshing touch of greenery.

4. Grow Different Philodendrons Vertically


Craft a vertical garden with different philodendron types in wall-mounted planters, perfect for small spaces, or use moss poles to let them grow tall while keeping each others’ company.

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Indoor Planting Ideas

5. Terrarium Delight

Ways to Use Philodendron 5

Create a captivating mini ecosystem using compact philodendron varieties like Micans amidst ferns and moss in a glass terrarium.

6. Desktop Companions

Dot your workspace with mini potted philodendrons like lemon lime or brasil to boost productivity and infuse the environment with nature’s beauty.

7. Windowsill Greenery

Ways to Use Philodendron 7

Line your windowsills with pots of Philodendron varieties with cut leaves, letting their foliage catch the sunlight and brighten the room.

8. Bookshelf Accents

Add visual interest to your bookshelf by placing small philodendron pots at different heights, creating a dynamic display.

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Outdoor Design and Landscaping

9. Tropical Paradise

Ways to Use Philodendron 9

Incorporate large philodendron varieties like Xanadu or Hope into your garden for a tropical oasis, complete with exotic vibes.

10. Privacy with Plants

Create natural privacy screens in a shady space by planting philodendrons along fences, offering beauty and seclusion.

11. Poolside Elegance

Ways to Use Philodendron 11

Place philodendron pots strategically or create a raised bed around your pool area to infuse a touch of luxury and lushness into the space.

12. Patio Pizzazz


Frame your patio with hanging baskets and pots of philodendrons, transforming it into an tropical retreat.

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Landscaping with Philodendron 

13. Pathway Greener

Ways to Use Philodendron 13
Philodendron Xanadu and Alpinia

Border your garden pathways with philodendron plants, guiding guests through a captivating green journey.

14. Cascading Water Features

Adorn the edges of water features with cascading philodendron varieties, adding movement and life to the scene.

15. Sculptural Focal Points

Ways to Use Philodendron 15

Plant any dramatic big leaf Philodendron variety near a garden sculpture or artistic focal point for a visually striking combination.

16. Zen Garden Accents


Integrate either compact or big philodendron varieties into your Zen garden (depending on the size of your space) to introduce a touch of tranquility and balance.

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Creative Plant Pairings

17. Mixing Textures

Ways to Use Philodendron 17

Combine philodendrons with other houseplants, spiky succulents, or feathery ferns for an intriguing textural contrast in your plant arrangements.

18. Color Play

Pair philodendrons with contrasting leaves with vibrant foliage or indoor flowering plants to create an appealing container combination.

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A Few More Ideas

19. Geometric Planters

Ways to Use Philodendron 19

If you want a touch of modernness, plant your favorite philodendrons in cool geometric planters.

20. Philodendron Trellis Arch

Transform your boring wall into a breathable space by training a philodendron or pothos on it.

21. Fern and Philodendron or Pothos Ensemble

Ways to Use Philodendron 21

Combine the delicate fronds of the Bird’s Nest Fern with the bold foliage of the Philodendron or pothos for a harmonious garden partnership.

22. Create a Stunning Display of Philodendron Varieties

Pair up different varieties of Philo plants to create a lush corner at home. Do not forget to include the ones with lighter and darkest contrast on the leaves.

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