28 Neat Furniture Into DIY Planter Ideas For The Garden

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Transform your furniture into unique containers to grow plants with these neat DIY Planter Ideas for the home and garden!

Check out these cool DIY Planter Ideas that you can use to utilize old furniture in your home in unique ways to grow plants.

Here are some amazing Christmas planter ideas for you

DIY Planter Ideas

1. Chair Planter

Convert an old tarnished chair into an unblemished succulent planter. This DIY is an amazing and inspiring idea. Watch this video tutorial for more info.

2. Dresser Planter

DIY Dresser Planter

An old dresser beautifully transformed into a three-story planter using paint and the planting essentials. Create this unique and economic planter with the step-by-step tutorial here.

3. Wooden Table Planter

furniture planter diy

Plant a tree in a wooden table by digging a hole into it. Visit Shelterness to know more about this DIY!

4. Cedar Ladder Planter

Create a vertical cedar ladder planter with the plants you admire the most! To recreate this idea for yourself, click here.

5. Plants in Drawers

Chest of Drawers- furniture planter

Repurpose an old vanity, dresser or chest of drawers to recreate this DIY planter. Use it to decorate your front porch or any room! Get more information here.

6. Window Planter

Use an old and tarnished single-pane window to make a beautiful planter for yourself. Follow the tutorial available here.

7. Planter Dresser

Another dresser planter idea, replicate this project and turn an old dresser into a planter full of your favorite plants. Get the tutorial here.

8. Chest of Drawers Planter


Visit hometalk to learn how to upcycle a reclaimed drawer unit into a DIY planter.

9. Upcycled Side Table + Planter

In this DIY post, find out how this blogger transformed an old side table into a side table + planter.

10. Planter Side Table

Learn how to make a planter that doubles as a side table using a concrete pot filled with succulents. The descriptive DIY tutorial is here!

11. Old Chest of Drawers Herb Garden

Learn how to create a unique herb garden by repurposing old chest of drawers. The step by step tutorial is here.

12. Coffee Table + Succulent Garden

Check out this DIY article to learn how to create a coffee table with an interesting mini succulent garden for your patio.

13. Hypertufa Table Planter

This beautiful Hypertufa table is durable in harsh weather and looks beautiful outdoors. To make one for yourself, visit Homedit!

14. Old Sofa into Planter


Turn an old sofa into a vintage planter in your garden. Simply add some good potting soil and grow your favorite flowering plants.

15. Piano in the Garden


Repurpose an old piano as a planter in the garden and create a beautiful mini garden over it with pretty plants.

16. Succulent Chair Planter

Make this beautiful plant by recycling an old chair. Follow the easy steps for creating this chair planter here.

17. Sewing Desk Planter


The sewing desk can be repurposed into an attractive planter by adding a piece of reclaimed wooden flowering pot on the top and a basket of potted flowering plants under the desk on the low rack.

18. Desk Carrying Flowers


Convert an old desk into an attractive planter by growing several plants in it.

19. Bed Frame Planter


Showcase colorful fragrant flowering plants in an old bed frame. Fill potting mix in the bed frame and grow plants into it.

20. Flowers in a Drawer Planter


Grow succulents in style by planting them in a wooden drawer. It will look great on a patio.

21. Dresser Drawer Planter


Repurpose an old dresser drawer into a self-watering planter, follow this DIY for details here.

22. Repurpose Old Door


Reuse an old door in the garden by fixing it to the fence and attaching a plastic planter to it. This unique idea will surely grab the attention of onlookers.

23. Dining Table Turned Mini Garden


Be creative and turn a rustic old dining table into a beautiful mini garden. Don’t forget to grow grass on the chairs that appear like cushions on the seat.

24. Mirror Frame in the Garden


An old mirror can turn out to be a stylish centerpiece in the garden, simply train vines or any plant of your choice on the mirror frame. You can grow succulents in the center of the mirror frame as well.

25. Lantern Planter


Reuse old lanterns by growing pretty succulents into them, hang the unique planters in patios for an eye-catching look.

26. Colorful Drawer Planter


Paint old drawers in your favorite shades, fill potting mix, and grow your plants into them.

27. Queen Sized Bed with Plants


Grow plants at the back of your bed and sleep in peace with greenery all around you!

28. Flowers in an Old Couch


Use an old couch to grow flowers in your yard! It will be a quirky addition to your garden for sure!

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