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16 Exotic Marigold Varieties | Marigold Flowers Worth Growing

Do you know there are some really Exotic Marigold Varieties that you can grow in home and garden? Read on to know everything!

In the wide spectrum of horticulture, marigolds have long been considered the darlings, their gilded hues a testament to their name! Here are some Exotic Marigold Varieties that you mustn’t miss!

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Exotic Marigold Varieties

1. Tangerine Gem

Exotic Marigold Varieties 1

Botanical Name: Tagetes tenuifolia ‘Tangerine Gem’

Emerging from the heart of Central America, these Exotic Marigold Varieties envelop onlookers with its Mediterranean allure. Beautiful sun-drenched tangerine petals and their petite stature make it a captivating choice for those seeking understated elegance.

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2. Lemon Gem

Botanical Name: Tagetes tenuifolia ‘Lemon Gem’

An ode to serene mornings, the Lemon Gem dazzles with citrus-hued petals, each bloom an echo of fresh lemon zest. A fragrance reminiscent of a lazy stroll through an orchard further solidifies its charm.

3. Red Gem

Exotic Marigold Varieties 3

Botanical Name: Tagetes tenuifolia ‘Red Gem’

With an allure reminiscent of the deepest rubies, these Exotic Marigold Varieties beckon with petals that reflect passionate tales of love and longing. In regions that get kissed by the harsh sun, a hint of shade can preserve its opulence.

4. Harlequin


Botanical Name: Tagetes patula ‘Harlequin’

Drama and flamboyance take center stage with the Harlequin. Each petal, boldly marked with strokes of deep red and gold, is a testament to nature’s artistry. While it demands attention, it prefers its water in moderation.

5. Paprika

Exotic Marigold Varieties 5

Botanical Name: Tagetes patula ‘Paprika’

An evocation of earth’s warmth, these Exotic Marigold Varieties sway with petals painted in hues of rustic orange and hints of aged wood. Those aiming for a midsummer bloom would do well to sow in the early tendrils of spring.

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6. Sweet Mace

Botanical Name: Tagetes lucida

More than just a visual treat, Sweet Mace unravels a narrative with its aromatic leaves, offering whiffs of tales from ancient Central American cuisines. While it basks in the sun’s glow, it doesn’t shy away from occasional shade.

7. Striped Marvel

Exotic Marigold Varieties 7

Botanical Name:  Tagetes patula ‘Striped Marvel’

As the name suggests, this variety stands as a marvel with its playful canvas of red stripes juxtaposed against golden hues. Its allure, however, requires a dance of consistent watering.

8. Janie Marigold Series

Evoking the vast horizons of its native Mexico, flowers from these Exotic Marigold Varieties are vivid, their hues ranging from deep oranges to ethereal yellows. These blossoms demand rich, fertile grounds to truly shine.

9. Irish Lace

Exotic Marigold Varieties 9

Botanical Name: Tagetes filifolia

An embodiment of elegance, the Irish Lace graces gardens with its intricate fern like foliage, against which dainty white blossoms emerge – making for a spectacular sight when the plant is in bloom.

10. Disco Marigold Series

A dance of colors reminiscent of the disco era, blooms from this series evoke nostalgia and vibrancy. Compact yet flamboyant, these Exotic Marigold Varieties come alive in hues of golden yellows and rustic oranges.

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11. Queen Sophia

Exotic Marigold Varieties 11

Botanical Name: Tagetes patula ‘Queen Sophia’

Royalty in the truest sense, these Exotic Marigold Varieties mesmerize with its boundary of majestic gold, enveloping a heart of deep orange. Tt thrives best in a well draining soil and plenty of sunlight.

12. Alumia Vanilla Cream

Botanical Name: Tagetes patula

With its creamy, off-white petals, it stands out, yet seamlessly blends with any garden theme, reminiscent of an elegant evening gown at a grand ball. A sunny spot with the gentle embrace of moisture sets the stage for its splendid growth.

13. Petite Marigold Series

Exotic Marigold Varieties 13

With blooms ranging from rich gold to deep maroon, these Exotic Marigold Varieties are perfect for those intimate nooks in a garden or as a delicate border. Make sure the plant gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day.

14. Antigua Marigold Series

Evoking images of tropical sunsets, the Antigua Series is a canvas of luminescent yellows and fiery oranges. Large, vivacious flowers stand as testament to the vibrancy of life in the tropics!

15. Mr. Majestic

Exotic Marigold Varieties 15

Botanical Name: Tagetes patula ‘Mr. Majestic’

If you want to add a eye catching color combination in your flower collection, then this will be sure to catch the most eyeballs! With its red-maroon and yellow petals, the plant is a showstopper with its bunch of blooms!

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16 . Marsh Marigold

Botanical Name: Caltha palustris

Not a truly marigold, but surely deserves a mention, thanks to its aluuring yellow blooms. The Marsh Marigold, with its radiant petals, thrives beside tranquil water bodies. You can also grow it in small pots with ease.


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