19 Awesome DIY Kitchen Hacks For Garden & Home

These DIY Kitchen Hacks and Projects are useful not only in the garden but in the home as well.

1. Pizza Pan Chalkboard

To complete this DIY kitchen hack, you need to hang a metal pizza pan coated with chalkboard paint at whatever place you desire. Karen Ehman has the details.

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2. Spoon Butterfly Ornament from Recycled Silverware

Create this super awesome silverware butterfly using four old spoons. The steps are here.

3. Sprouts In Jar

kitchen hack diy

Here you will find everything you need to know about growing sprouts in a glass jar at home.

4. Tiered Kitchen Stand

DIY Kitchen Hacks For Garden & Home

Use different sizes of a cake pan to develop a three-tiered stand to hold your kitchen essentials without taking much space. You can get an in-depth tutorial here.

5. DIY Cake Stand

diy kitchen hacks for home

Attach a glass, vase, candlestick, cup or goblet to the bottom of a plate to copy this cake stand project. You can use any of the above mentioned to act as the base, visit here.

6. Self Watering Planter

DIY Kitchen Hacks For Garden

You must have a mason jar in your kitchen? Use it to create a self-watering planter for your home to grow small plants. The DIY post is here.

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7. Rustic Wall Rack for Knives

Hang a magnetic wooden board to organize your kitchen knives in one place. Learn this DIY in detail at eHow.

8. DIY Knife Holder

This DIY is probably one of the best ideas to recycle vintage books with style into something practical like a knife holder! The only thing you need to do is to arrange them horizontally and secure with twine, that’s it.

9. Pan Lid Organizer

Kitchen Hacks project For Garden

Stick adhesive hooks onto your kitchen cabinet door to better organize your pan lids, ensuring easy access. We found the idea at Instructables.

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10. Chalkboard Tote Bag DIY

Remember your shopping list on the go by DIYing this chalkboard tote bag in merely four steps. Have a look at the tutorial and supply list here.

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11. Cabinet Makeover

These DIY Kitchen Hacks and Projects are useful not only in the garden but in the home as well.

Spruce up your kitchen cabinet with some chalkboard paint to write-out your shopping list or recipes on its door. The idea is here.

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12. DIY Stamped Spoon Plant Markers

Sacrifice your unused and assorted teacups and get a few spoons to complete this DIY. The how-to is here.

13. Kitchen Knife Storage

Fill up a jar with bamboo skewers and store your kitchen knife in it, safe and inexpensive. This great idea to brighten up your kitchen is here.

14. Silverware Wind Chime

diy kitchen hacks and projects

Arrange a few cheap silverware–a couple of ladles, forks, and spoons to make this tremendous wind chime. Find the tutorial here.

15. DIY Pint Jar Wine Glasses

diy kitchen hacks for home and garden

Attach pint jars to the top of candleholders to create wine glasses as shown here. Since they’re handcrafted, they can be a great gift idea too.

16. DIY Spoon Hangers

These spoon hangers will be one of the most unique DIY kitchen hacks you ever did. Learn how to make them here.

17. Plastic Spoon Lamp

Customize an inexpensive hanging lamp with some plastic spoons, plastic bottles, hot glue, paper cutter, bulb with wiring, and pliers. Get the project at Good Home Design.

18. DIY Knife Sharpening Kit

Sharpen your knife again with this inexpensive DIY knife sharpening kit, the tutorial is here.

19. DIY Colorful Birdbath

This easy to make and easy to clean bird bath needs items from your kitchen. Learn how to make it here.


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