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Check out our detailed list of the Best Types of Tulip Varieties that you must include in your garden for a picturesque show of colors!

If you love flowers, then you must be a fan of tulips. As they come in so many colors and textures, we have put an incredible list to help you in selecting the Best Types of Tulip Varieties.

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Best Types of Tulip Varieties

1. Hamilton Tulip

Hamilton tulip adds a shine to any place with its yellow blossoms. It grows up to 14-20 inches tall.

2. Kolpakowskiana Tulip

‘Kolpakowskiana’ is a beautiful perennial that produces yellow blooms with pink, green, or red streaks. For best flowers, make sure it gets plenty of sunlight.

3. Queensland Tulip

This double flowering tulip produces red-pink ruffled blooms with white margins. It can grow up to 16-18 inches tall.

4. Arma Tulip

‘Arma’ features cardinal red blooms, which look spectacular with its light green foliage. It attains a height of 16-22 inches.

5. Big Chief Tulip

This beautiful tulip showcases spring colors, and produces salmon-hued blossoms embellished with silver pink shade with a yellow base.

6. Bell Song Tulip


This lovely variety offers violet-pink or coral blossoms with white margins and lance-shaped leaves. It reaches up to 18-20 inches tall.

7. West Point Tulip


‘West Point’ offers striking yellow blooms with pointed and reflexed petals that contrast really well with a light base.

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8. Curly Sue Tulip

This stunning variety reaches up to 14-20 inches in height and produces deep purple blooms that change color with age.

9. Cynthia Tulip

This bi-colored tulip offers yellow blooms with a rose-red outer petals. The blossoms close on cloudy days and during the night, though open fully on a sunny day.

10. Blue Heron Tulip

‘Blue Heron’ boasts violet-purple petals with crystalline fringed margins. It grows best in a well-draining growing medium.

11. Artist Tulip


‘Artist’ exhibits golden-orange blooms with mild green feathering. The long-lasting flowers bloom for about 2-3 weeks.

12. Cummins Tulip

‘Cummins’ offers lavender blossoms with white margins. Pair it with other varieties on this list for the best display.

13. Turkestanica Tulip

These lovely flowers are gray-green or green pink on the outside and have orange, brown, yellow, purple stamens with yellow-purple anthers.

14. Acropolis Tulip

Shutterstock/Sergey V Kalyakin

‘Acropolis’ grows rosy-pink blooms that open in the mid of spring. This variety can tolerate heavy rain and windy conditions.

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15. Burgundy Lace Tulip


‘Burgundy Lace’ forms long-stemmed flowers with carmine red petals. The plant can grow up to an impressive height of 18-24 inches.

16. Big Smile Tulip

Big Smile Tulip showcases yellow blooms. Make sure it gets plenty of light if you want the most flowers.

17. Peppermint Stick Tulip


‘Peppermint Stick’ grows up to 8-12 inches tall and produces narrow white blooms patterned with cherry red lines and resemble candy canes.

18. Alladin Tulip

This lily-flowered tulip has a scarlet-hued goblet-shaped flower and yellow edges. It grows up to 16-20 inches tall.

19. Lilac Wonder – Tulip Saxatilis

This perennial tulip has a beautiful combination of shades and flaunts charming pastel lilac petals with a dark lemon yellow center.

20. Whittallii Tulip

It produces radiant star-shaped blossoms that open up in the full sun. The flowers have striking deep orange petals with a dark olive base.

21. Mariette Tulip

‘Mariette’ offers deep satin-rose petals with a white base. It grows up to 18-22 inches tall and does best in full sun.

22. Sylvestris Tulip


This wild tulip variety emits a refreshing aroma. The bright yellow blooms with a green rib around the outside of pointed petals look adorable.

23. Darwin Hybrid Tulips

This variety is a cross between several different tulips and Tulip Fosteriana. It comes in a range of colors, including red, orange, pink, and yellow.

24. Fringed Elegance Tulip

It produces yellow blooms on top of petals that have crystalline fringes. The flowers can reach up to 16-20 inches in height.

25. Gold Dust Tulip

This radiant variety resembles a bit like peonies and roses. The blooms are bowl-shaped with red tangerine petals and gold margins.

26. Tarda Tulip


This variety was first planted in 1590. It has six star-shaped blooms with yellow petals and white margins.

27. Apricot Parrot Tulips


‘Apricot Parrot’ displays oversized pink petals patterned in green and yellow stripes with rippled fringed feathers resembling a parrot.

28. Bright Gem – Tulip Batalinii

‘Bright Gem’ is a perennial tulip cultivar that displays round yellow blooms with an apricot hue. It grows best in full sun.

29. Fringed Family Tulip

Shuttestock/Sergey V Kalyakin

This tulip variety offers rose-pink blooms with creamy-white margins. For best growth, make sure it gets plenty of light.

30. Ballade Dream Tulip

This tulip cultivar features pretty fluted blood-red blooms with golden-yellow margins. It comes every year.

31. Ballade Tulip


This gorgeous variety offers royal purple blossoms with pointed petals and ivory margins. It can grow up to 16-20 inches tall and prefers full sun.

32. Fancy Frills Tulip

‘Fancy Frills’ displays a white ivory base that melts into a pink hue around the upper portion of petals and fringed edges.

33. Avignon Tulip

This tulip produces huge goblet-shaped blooms in red and orange shades. It grows up to 24-26 inches tall.

34. Blushing Beauty Tulip


‘Blushing Beauty’ reflects a shade of blush on the blossoms. The flowers also have a goblet shape and lilac tinges.

35. Tulip Tubergen’s Gem

‘Tubergen’s Gem’ offers stunning blooms with a wonderful color combination of red with a yellow exterior and canary yellow inside.

36. Dreamland Tulip


‘Dreamland’ offers large egg-shaped blossoms with rose-red margins. If you want the best colors and growth, ensure it gets full sun.

37. Cafe Noir Tulip

Shutterstock/Sergey V Kalyakin

This amazing tulip produces blooms in rich chocolate or almost black shades. It grows up to 16-20 inches tall.

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38. Swan Wings Tulip


This gorgeous tulip showcases pure white blossoms with fringes at the end. It grows up to 18-20 inches tall.

39. Menton Tulip


‘Menton’ offers egg-shaped blooms in a rose-pink shade that take a soft apricot hue in full sun. It grows up to 24-26 inches high.

40. Dordogne Tulip

This French tulip offers large goblet-shaped red to tangerine blooms. For best colors, make sure it gets plenty of sunlight.

41. Hocus Pocus Tulip

This one displays large sunny yellow blooms with a scarlet flame. It reaches up to 24-30 inches high.

42. Recreado Tulip

‘Recreado’ displays blooms with a purple hue and a silky sheen. The plant can tolerate rain and windy conditions.

43. Pink Diamond Tulip

Shutterstock/Popova Valeriya

The rose-pink goblet-shaped blossoms have a pale hue around the margins. It grows up to 24-26 inches high.

44. Maureen Tulip

‘Maureen’ tulip grows goblet-shaped white blooms that look stunning under full sun. It grows up to 24-26 inches high.

45. Renown Tulip

Shutterstock/Liviu Gherman

‘Renown’ is a long-stemmed plant with bright pink egg-shaped blooms having apricot-orange margins.

46. Queen of the Night Tulip

Shutterstock/Popova Valeriya

This tulip shows off velvety dark maroon or mahogany blooms in sunlight and pure black in the shaded area.

47. Blushing Lady Tulip

‘Blushing Lady’ has large lily-like flowers with a yellow and orange tint. It reaches up to 24-30 inches in height.

48. Belle du Monde Tulip

This variety offers fuller blooms in a soft pink hue with a flush of deep pink and creamy-white margins.

49. Antoinette Tulip


The plant grows 4-5 blooms per stem, which gives it an appearance like a mini bouquet. It also changes colors from pale yellow and green to salmon-orange to raspberry pink.

50. Calypso Tulip

This variety displays bright orange-red blooms with canary-yellow edges. It grows up to 8-12 inches tall and does best under full sun.

51. Sensual Touch Tulip

The flowers show off a golden-apricot hue with tangerine petals and a mild pink shade. It attains a height up to 12-18 inches.

52. Andre Rieu Tulip

This tulip comes with a burst of purple-pink blooms having creamy strips on inner petals. It reaches up to 14-20 inches high.

53. Davenport Tulip

Shutterstock/Sergey V Kalyakin

This pretty cultivar shows off crimson-red flowers with yellow fringes. Grow it in full sun for the best colors and blooms.

54. Santander Tulip

This variety produces large deep pink blooms that match really well with its bright green foliage. The plant grows up to 16-20 inches tall.

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