28 Delightful Ways to Decorate Awkward Home Spaces with Plants

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Check out some Delightful Ways to Decorate Awkward Home Spaces with Plants and add a touch of nature to boring spots in the house!

We bring you the most Delightful Ways to Decorate Awkward Home Spaces with Plants to inspire you to re-decorate those areas with a hint of nature.

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Delightful Ways to Decorate Awkward Home Spaces with Plants

1. Near a Hallway Corner

A hallway corner might be a tricky place to fill, and having a plant like a fiddle leaf fig there, in a stylish jute basket, will be an awesome idea.

2. On a Narrow Kitchen Wall

Add shelves to a narrow kitchen wall and place some small pots of plants to fill the space and make it look beautiful.

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3. On Pelmets or Above Door

Fill up the open space in a large room above the door by growing plants on a pelmet. Trailing vines make for a great option.

4. In a Laundry Room

A laundry room in the house doesn’t have to be boring, and you can add a dash of green to it with some hanging basket plants and pots on the shelf.

5. Inside an Un-Used Fireplace

If it gets warm and you stop using the fireplace, then don’t let the space go waste. Fill it up with plants like ferns, calathea, and monstera to add a little drama to the space.

6.  Under a Bathroom Sink

We all have an empty space below the bathroom sink, and if you don’t plan to put a cabinet there, then a potted plant would be an awesome choice.

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7. Around the Television

Don’t let the space around your telly go to waste. Go a little creative and display plants on the side in a jute bag and pair it up with trailing vines.

8. In a Small Corner

A small empty corner of the room can be filled with different and variegated plants. Add some artifacts to make it look more appealing.

9. Over and Around a Washing Machine

Add some plants around the washing machine to create a nice little green room in the house.

10. Under the Staircase

The space under the staircase is usually filled with cabinets, but you can also line up some plants there for an inside oasis. Discover more garden under the stairs ideas here!

11. On a Higher Window Ledge in a Kitchen

Do you have shelves in the kitchen? Well, that could be used to line up pots to grow plants. You can also include some herbs for a fresh supply.

12. On Top of a Home Radiator

There can be a lot of unused space on the top of a home radiator and a cactus pot would be the best fit there.

13. Near or Behind a Bedroom Door

A small plant, like ZZ, on a wooden or metal stand is a perfect addition near or behind a bedroom door.

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14. In a Corner Nook

A small corner nook in the house often gets ignored and remains empty. You can fill it by keeping a potted snake plant on a wooden stand.

15. On Top of a Shoe Organizer

A large wooden shoe organizer should have ample space on top to display plants. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of plant maintenance, then go for faux ones.

16. On a Mantel Shelf

A wooden mantel over a fireplace or anywhere in the house can easily host plants in vases or pots.

17. On Small Hanging Shelf

Do you have a shelf on an empty wall? Great! Pair it with some macrame design and place pots of plants to make it stand out!

18. Near a Small Entryway

The space in the corner of a small entryway might be hard to fill, but keeping a potted plant there is a subtle yet stunning way to do it!

19. On a Staircase Landing

If you want to keep the staircase landing minimal, then keeping a tall plant is a cool option you must try.

20. Around and Under Tall Windows

The tall panes of windows let a lot of light in, which makes them perfect for lining up plants around or under.

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21. Above a Kitchen Sink

The open space above a kitchen sink can be filled with a hanging wooden shelf that can be used to display pots. Cut to make sections and fit little containers.

22. In a Long Hallway


A long passageway in a large house can look empty, and you can fill it up with metal plant stands. It will brighten up the space nicely.

23. Behind a Living Room Couch


Don’t let the empty space behind a couch go to waste! You can keep pots on stands or stools behind a living room sofa to invite a tropical look.

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24. On a Storage Cupboard

A storage cupboard can look boring, and you can make it interesting by adding a vining plant like pothos or Philo on the top.

25. On a Bland Wall

A boring and bland empty wall will look fabulous with geometrically shaped planters having vines, ferns, or other plants.

26. A Living Wall


A living wall on a hard-to-reach space in the house is the best way to add a green appeal to it. You can use real or faux plants.

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27. Plants on a Flush Tank


A potted plant on the space that usually goes to waste on top of a flush tank is a subtle way to add greenery to the bathroom.

28. Trailing Plants on an Empty Wall By a Window

Add a trailing plant to the empty wall near a sunny window. It is a great way to use an empty space while adding a green appeal.

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