17 Beautiful Tropical Plants You Can Grow in the Bathroom

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Check out the best Tropical Plants You Can Grow in the Bathroom and enjoy a touch of greenery while taking a relaxing shower!

Houseplants in a washroom can lend a touch of greenery to the feel while improving air quality. Here are the best Tropical Plants You Can Grow in the Bathroom to bring a bit of the jungle to your indoor space.

Here are some vining houseplants for your bathroom

Why Should You Grow Tropical Plants in Your Bathroom

Houseplants in your bathroom will help to improve the air quality. Tropical plants can help to filter out many particulates while adding more oxygen to the place they grow.

They also absorb excess moisture from the surroundings and helps to get rid of bacteria that can create more problems. The greenery also helps in lowering anxiety

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Tropical Plants You Can Grow in Bathroom

1. Air Plants

Tropical Plants You Can Grow in the Bathroom

Air plants are great for bathrooms as they can soak up the excess humidity and thrive without much maintenance. Add them to the wall for the best display.

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2. Pothos

Houseplants in a washroom 2

If you want an excellent trailing plant in your bathroom for a rainforest look, pothos is a perfect choice. It will perform best in humid conditions and does well in bright to low light.

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3. English Ivy

Tropical Plants You Can Grow in the Bathroom 2

This plant requires minimal care to thrive well. Just make sure it gets plenty of bright and indirect light. Plus the humidity in the bathroom will aid in its growth! 

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4. Snake Plant

Houseplants in a washroom 4

Snake Plant is one of the most popular houseplants, thanks to its easy-to-maintain nature. It is attractive to look at and thrives well in indirect sunlight. 

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5. Monstera

Tropical Plants You Can Grow in the Bathroom 4

Monstera is undoubtedly one of the best tropical houseplants you have in your bathroom. Prune it regularly to keep its shape and growth in check.

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6. Alocasia

Houseplants in a washroom 6

Alocasia loves high humidity and what could be a better place than a bathroom for it! Make sure you keep it near a bright window for the best growth.

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7. Aloe 

Tropical Plants You Can Grow in the Bathroom 3

Aloe has super minimal care needs and is perfect for first-time bathroom plant owners. All it needs is indirect and bright light to thrive.

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8. Orchids

Houseplants in a washroom 8

The plant loves bright but indirect sunlight and thrives without much care. Also, the humid environment will aid perfectly in its development.

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9. Ferns

Tropical Plants You Can Grow in the Bathroom 11

Do you have a bright window in your bathroom? If yes, then this is the plant to grow! Just make sure you are not splashing too much water on it while bathing.

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10. Fishtail Palm 

Houseplants in a washroom 10

Fishtail palm is quite popular for its lush appearance. If you have a large bathroom with a window of a substantial size that lets in plenty of bright light, then you can easily grow it in a big pot. 

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11. Ficus 

Tropical Plants You Can Grow in the Bathroom 12

With large and glossy leaves, this humidity-loving plant can be a great addition to bathrooms. For the best display, go for variegated varieties.

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12. Parlor Palm

Houseplants in a washroom 12

This tropical plant usually grows up to a height of 3-4 feet when grown indoors. Grow it in a well-lit corner of a bathroom for best growth and display.

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13. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Tropical Plants You Can Grow in the Bathroom 16

With broad green and huge leaves, this plant will be a wonderful addition to a large bathroom. For best growth, make sure it gets plenty of bright light.

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15. Watermelon Peperomia

Houseplants in a washroom 15

Its compact size makes it perfect for small bathrooms of apartments, while the attractive foliage ensures you have a mini and colorful focal point in your washroom!

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16. Peruvian Grape Ivy

Tropical Plants You Can Grow in the Bathroom 17

Cissus rotundifolia is another fantastic option to grow in the bathroom. You can make a small trellis and let it climb on a wall for a beautiful display.

17. Anthurium

Houseplants in a washroom 17

There’s no other plant that can add a dash of color to your bathroom like an Anthurium. It loves the humidity, which makes it the best choice for washrooms.

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