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Best Vegetables for Shady Garden

Growing edibles in a shady space of your garden is possible, see the best vegetables you can grow in a shady garden.

Most of the gardeners have gardening space that is shady. They don’t want to grow just a few shade loving plants there, but something productive and edible. If you are one of them, we have made a quick small list for you— “Vegetables for Shady Garden”, which can be grown even in 2-4 hours of direct sunlight.

Generally, you can’t grow plants that bear fruits in the shade as they need a high amount of sunlight. Your options are defined. You can only grow green leafy vegetables.

1. Lettuce

best shady vegetable
Lettuce is not just for salads, there are so many lettuce recipes on the web if you search for. It is a productive crop that perks up quickly, it is the best option for a shady space as it needs cool surroundings, moist soil, and partial sun.

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2. Asian Greens

Bok Choy, Mizuna or Tatsoi, choose from large varieties of Asian greens and grow these tangy leafy vegetables in your garden to use up your shady space well. Plant them in the rich loamy and moist soil, in spring and in fall in a place that receives morning sun. In warm subtropical or tropical climates, you can even grow these leafy vegetables in 2-3 hours of sunlight.

3. Spinach


If you love creamed spinach, spinach soup, and puree; why not grow it in your shady space. Spinach is a nutritious vegetable, rich in iron, sour in taste. It’s a must grow vegetable, it loves slightly acidic and moist soil and does well in 3-4 hours of sunlight. You can also grow spinach indoors.

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4. Mustard


Mustard leaves are acrid in taste. You can make delicious curries of it and add it to your salads. It can be grown easily in containers. Mustard needs regular watering and at least 3-4 hours of daily sunlight.

5. Peas


Freshly picked peas are tastiest, so why not give it a try. You can even grow it in 3 hours of sunlight if you are living in a climate where the sun is hot and intense.

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Growing edibles in a shady space of your garden is possible, see the best vegetables you can grow in a shady garden.


  1. Although a sunny spot is ideal for most fruit and vegetables, many vegetable crops, including beetroot, radish and salad leaves, will grow well in shade.


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