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Do you want to know about the Vegetables that Grow in the Shade? Check out the Best Shade Loving Vegetables in our article.

Do you have a patch in your garden that falls under shade for the most part of the day? You may be wrong if you think it is a useless space and you cannot grow anything. Check out the Vegetables that Grow in the Shade in our article on Best Shade Loving Vegetables.

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Best Vegetables that Grow in Shade

Do note that these vegetables need comparatively less light than the veggies that love to be in full sun. For the best harvest, make sure you keep these in dappled sunlight.

1. Lettuce

Vegetables that Grow in Shade

Lettuce is not just for salads, and there are so many lettuce recipes on the web if you search for them. It is the best option for a shady space as it needs cool surroundings, moist soil, and partial sunlight.

2. Asian Greens

Vegetables that Grow in Shade 2

Bok Choy, Mizuna, or Tatsoi, choose from large varieties of Asian greens and grow these tangy leafy vegetables in your garden to use your shady space well.

Plant them in the rich, loamy, and moist soil in spring and in fall in a place that receives morning sun. In warm subtropical or tropical climates, you can even grow these leafy vegetables in 2-3 hours of sunlight.

3. Spinach

Vegetables that Grow in Shade 1

If you love creamed spinach, spinach soup, and puree, why not grow it in your shady space? Spinach is a nutritious vegetable, rich in iron and sour in taste.

It loves slightly acidic and moist soil and does well in 3 to 4 hours of sunlight. You can also grow spinach indoors.

4. Kohlrabi

Vegetables that Grow in Shade4

Kohlrabi won’t mind a dappled shade and also grows quite fast. You can make delicious dishes of it and add it to your salads.

5. Peas

Grown Vegetables in the Shade

Freshly picked peas are the tastiest, so why not try them? You can even grow them in 4-5 hours of sunlight if you are living in a climate where the sun is hot and intense.

6. Asparagus

Grown Vegetables in the Shade1

Asparagus plants can do well in full shade. You can harvest this long-lived perennial veggie in your shaded garden in spring and summer.

7. Cabbage

Shade-Growing Vegetables

Grow cabbage in the cool season in a partially shaded garden. You can enjoy this vegetable in salads, soups, stir-fries, pickles, kimchi, and raw.

8. Brussels Sprouts

Shade-Growing Vegetables2

Grow Brussels sprouts as a long-season vegetable in the spring and harvest in the fall. They can grow well in partial shade and endure warmer months.

9. Carrots

Shade-Growing Vegetables2
shutterstock/Michael C. Gray

You can grow carrots in a shaded garden under bright light, and they can take longer to mature. However, the shaded garden can provide sweeter carrots in warm weather.

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10. Radishes


Radishes thrive best in shady areas, and you can easily grow this wonder plant that is quick to germinate. You should experiment with growing different kinds of radishes.

11. Fava Beans


Fava Beans are also called Broad Beans; they love the shade, particularly in summer, and grow quite well in it. You can plant them easily when the weather in your area warms up.

12. Kale

Vegetables that Grow in Shade3

Kale is a favorite veggie for health freaks, and you can easily grow it in the shade as it loves the shadier parts of your garden. Harvest the young leaves for the best flavor.

13. Celery

Vegetables that Grow in Shade1

If you want your celery to taste sweeter and look light greener, grow it in a bright, shaded location. It will be ready to harvest in 150-180 days.

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14. Swiss Chard

Shade-growing Vegetables 3

Swiss Chard is related to spinach and provides the best, sweet, and tender flavor when grown in a shaded place and harvested young.

15. Beets

Shade-growing Vegetables2

Beetroots grow smaller when you grow them in the shade, but the taste is more earthly and mellow. Make sure you keep the growing medium a little on the moist side.

16. Green Onions

Shade-growing Vegetables4

Grow another vegetable, bunching onions or green onions, in a location with partial shade. You can enjoy a steady, tasty supply all summer while other veggies can bask in the sun.

17. Arugula (Rocket)

Shade-growing Vegetables6

Arugula tastes peppery and strong when grown in full sunlight and tastes a little mild when you grow them in the shade. It can also thrive in heat when growing in partial sunlight.

18. Turnip

Grown Vegetables in the Shade

Turnip is another cool season crop that you can grow for its roots and greens. Grow it in partial shade to extend the harvest. It gets a better flavor when grown in the shade.

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19. Mustard Greens

Grown Vegetables in the Shade4

If your yard has a warm yet shady patch, grow Mustard Greens. It loves the shade, as direct sunlight can make it bolt quickly and cause the edges to turn brown, curl up, and cause stress.

20. Microgreens

Grown Vegetables in the Shade5

The best part about growing microgreens is the fact that you can have them anywhere—a windowsill, garden, or even trays. They do well in indirect light, but for best growth, provide at least 2-3 hours of direct sun.

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  1. Although a sunny spot is ideal for most fruit and vegetables, many vegetable crops, including beetroot, radish and salad leaves, will grow well in shade.


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