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14 Best Garlic Companion Plants

Here are the Best Garlic Companion Plants that you can grow easily. They also ensure best growth and flavorful harvest!

With proper planning and care, growing companion plants can help to create a thriving and diverse garden while also yielding a flavorful and healthy garlic crop. Read on to learn about the best Best Garlic Companion Plants.

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Best Garlic Companion Plants

1. Beetroot

Garlic Companion Plants

Beetroot is a great Garlic Companion Plant that is easy to grow and benefits from the pungent aroma of garlic.

Garlic acts as a natural pest repellent and can help to keep the beetroot safe from pests, while the beetroot helps to deter nematodes from attacking the garlic.

Additionally, garlic and beetroot have similar soil requirements, so they can both be grown in the same space without any issues.

2. Cabbage

Garlic helps to repel certain pests, and its strong aroma helps to keep pests away from other nearby plants.

Cabbage also helps to improve the soil’s texture and aeration, while garlic helps to improve soil drainage. Together, they create a mutually beneficial combination that can help to keep the garden healthy and productive.

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3. Spinach

Garlic Companion Plants 2

Spinach is another amazing Garlic Companion Plant. Garlic is a natural pest deterrent, so it can help to keep pests away from your spinach plants.

Secondly, garlic and spinach both thrive in similar soil conditions and have similar water requirements, so they make good companions in the garden.

Finally, spinach is a fast-growing plant, so it can provide some shade for garlic, which needs protection from the sun.

4. Potatoes

Garlic has a strong smell that repels many pests, while its anti-fungal properties can help protect potatoes from blight.

Potatoes, on the other hand, provide a natural source of nitrogen to the garlic, helping them to grow bigger and stronger.

5. Carrots

Garlic Companion Plants 3

Carrots are cool weather crops like garlic, making these the perfect match. These can be planted together in the fall or spring.

In addition to this, these two require the same method of harvesting, where you take a pitchfork and go down the length of the row, lifting the soil underneath before pulling the crop out by its stem or stalk.

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6. Tomatoes

Garlic helps repel pests from tomatoes, while tomatoes can benefit from garlic’s nitrogen-fixing properties.

Both plants also require plenty of sun and water, so planting them together can help you keep your garden better organized.

Additionally, garlic and tomatoes are both incredibly flavorful, so you can enjoy their deliciousness when you harvest them from your garden.

7. Kale

Garlic Companion Plants 8

Kale and garlic are great companions, with Kale being the green vegetable that is highly nutritious and easy to grow.

The combination of garlic and kale not only protects the crop from various diseases but growing it as a companion crop also enhances the flavor of both vegetables when cooked.

8. Nasturtiums

Planting nasturtiums alongside garlic can help to attract beneficial insects like ladybugs, which feed on pests like aphids and whiteflies.

Furthermore, nasturtiums release compounds that repel harmful pests like cucumber beetles and squash bugs, which helps both plants.

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9. Marigolds

Garlic Companion Plants 10

Marigolds are ornamental flowers that can help to repel pests like whiteflies, aphids, and nematodes, which can damage garlic plants. The strong aroma of garlic also helps to repel these pests and protect the garlic crop.

Marigolds have natural fungicidal properties that can prevent diseases like white rot and fusarium wilt in garlic. Planting marigolds alongside garlic can also create a visually appealing garden space.

10. Roses

These beautiful flowers are prone to pest infestations like aphids and thrips, which can damage the leaves and affect the bloom. Garlic helps to repel these pests and protect the rose bushes.

The combination of garlic and roses not only creates a visually stunning garden space but also ensures healthy and thriving garlic and roses.

11. Dill

Garlic Companion Plants 18

Dill is a fantastic Garlic Companion Plant. The combination of garlic is known to enhance the flavor of both herbs when grown together.

Since dill has a sensitive root system, try planting it in between rows of garlic so that they aren’t disturbed during your harvest.

12. Chamomile


Like dill, chamomile can enhance and strengthen the flavor of garlic bulbs, which makes the plant a must companion for garlic.

The scent of chamomile flowers can also cover up the smell of garlic which gives it a much-needed additional feature.

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13. Rue

Garlic Companion Plants 20

This herb is known to enhance the health of garlic, and it does this by driving away onion maggots which can devastate underground garlic bulbs.

Garlic also aids the growth of rue, and that is why these are known as their favorite companions.

14. Strawberries

Strawberries are known for their ability to repel pests such as slugs, which can damage garlic bulbs. They also attract beneficial insects like bees and butterflies that can pollinate the garlic flowers and help with the reproduction process.

Strawberries have shallow roots that do not compete with the deep roots of garlic, making them an ideal plant to grow alongside garlic.

When planted together, strawberries and garlic can create a natural barrier against weeds, making it easier to maintain the garden.

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