How to Harvest Lettuce So that It Keeps Growing | Lettuce Harvesting Tips

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Learn all the best tips and tricks on How to Harvest Lettuce so that it Keeps Growing, letting you enjoy its fresh and healthy leaves for a long time!

Lettuce can grow easily in kitchen gardens and especially thrives well in cool climates. The leaves have a tendency to grow individually from the crown and it works the best with the cut-and-come-again process. If you want to know more about How to Harvest Lettuce so that it Keeps Growing, then read ahead!

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Few Basics of Growing Lettuce the Right Way

How to Harvest Lettuce so that it Keeps Growing

The best part about growing lettuce is that this plant can do well for almost entire year-round, as it is an annual crop. 

  • Lettuce will always do best in a cold season. Avoid planting the crop in the summer months unless you live in a cold climate.
  • Keep a close eye on the bolting. Avoid it from happening at all costs as it will make lettuce bitter. The best way to save it from bolting is to never plant it before summer.

How to Harvest Lettuce so that it Keeps Growing?

1. Harvesting Leaf By Leaf

Avoid cutting the entire plant. Harvest the leaves, leaving the stem intact—this will allow the plant to grow again. Also, always sanitize your scissors or knife before harvesting the plant.

Tip: Harvest it in the morning when the leaves are at their crispiest best.

2. Cut and Come Again

This may sound like cutting up the entire plant but it is not! Snip away the whole plant parallel to the ground, leaving approximately 1-2 inches at the base. The remaining portion in the soil will help it to regenerate and it will form new leaves.

Can You Harvest Lettuce Many Times?

How to Harvest Lettuce so that it Keeps Growing 2

Once you have grown the plant, you can harvest it entirely is 3-4 times. If you are careful and always sanitize the knife before cutting, you can harvest it up to 5 times.

However, if the plant bolts, then you won’t be able to harvest it any further.

Harvesting Different Types of Lettuce

1. Butterhead Lettuce

Always snip away the external leaves, leaving the internal ones intact as they will help the plant to regenerate and grow further. You can also follow the cut and come again method.

2. Romaine Lettuce

How to Harvest Lettuce so that it Keeps Growing 3

Always let the lettuce grow fully, with a lot of leaves, before you harvest the plant. Take out the external leaves carefully without damaging the inner ones. Do make sure you are harvesting them on time otherwise they will become mature and bitter.

3. Iceberg Lettuce

Harvesting the plant with the leaf by leaf method is the best. Do make sure that you are using sanitized tools as the plant is susceptible to infections.

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