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Learn how to make a kitchen garden in pots. See tips on growing fresh and organic vegetables and herbs in your container kitchen garden.
kitchen garden in pots

A kitchen garden is perfect way to grow your own fresh, healthy and tastiest vegetables, sweet and juicy fruits and aromatic herbs. A kitchen garden is a gardening space nearer to your kitchen where you grow food. If you’re an urban gardener and you don’t have much space or you have a balcony, patio or terrace– you can still make a kitchen garden in pots. For this, you need to acquire a space that is for maximum yield receives at least 6 hours of sun. However, you can also grow a few vegetables in shade. See our guide on vegetables you can grow in shade.

Pots for Container Kitchen Gardencontainer kitchen garden

Pots must be chosen according to what you want to cultivate and appearance: Terracotta pots are certainly the most beautiful, but beware of the weight and they are expensive too. If you want light planters opt for plastic pots, they also keep the soil moist, better for plants that require moisture. Clay pots are natural, support good drainage and help in air circulation, thus optimum for plants that like to grow in cool substrate and require good drainage.
Size of the pots rely on things you want to plant in them if you’re growing lettuce or salad greens, choose wide, rectangular container. For plants like tomatoes and peppers, deep pots are perfect.

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Growing Herbs in a Kitchen Gardencontainer kitchen garden herbs

Herbs must be a part of every kitchen garden, using them you can make your meal more flavorsome. Even for beginners they are simple and easy to grow. Plus, they don’t require a lot of space: A few flower boxes on window sill and railing planters are enough for growing herbs and sufficient for a whole family.

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A few common and easiest herb you can try are: Parsley, Dill, Marjoram, Cilantro, Chive, Rosemary, Thyme, Mint and Lemongrass.

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Fruits and Vegetables for the Kitchen Gardencontainer kitchen garden vegetables

When growing fruits and vegetables it is advised to beginners to start with easy to grow plants. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, lettuce, radishes, zucchini, eggplant and strawberries are readily available and easy to grow. These plants do not require years of experience as a gardener to reap the first success of harvest. Once you start to grow them, picking them fresh, your confidence increases and you feel more motivated.

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In fruits, besides strawberries, you can try to grow Citrus. Pomegranates and dwarf apple trees are easy to grow too. You can also grow them in containers.

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Some Basic Tips to Make a Kitchen Garden in Pots

  • Choose the best location for the plant by doing research on specific plant.
  • Ensure sufficient sunlight and proper drainage.
  • Protect container kitchen garden from prevailing winds.
  • Opt for easy to grow and native plants in the beginning.
  • Water only when soil is dry to avoid overwatering.
  • Prefer organic products. Use compost and aged manure.

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Learn how to make a kitchen garden in pots. See tips on growing fresh and organic vegetables and herbs in your container kitchen garden.

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