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Make your balcony the most relaxing outdoor space of your apartment with these 7 APARTMENT BALCONY IDEAS!

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things to have in balcony garden

Even on the tiny balcony, you can arrange a comfortable place to relax, if you carefully approach the issue of choice of furniture and decor.

1. Small Graceful Chairs and Table

Small graceful chairs and table2 Small graceful chairs and table Small graceful chairs and table 4 Small graceful chairs and table 3

For a small balcony, small little chairs and table are a perfect addition!

2. Folding Furniture

Folding furniture Folding furniture 4 Folding furniture 3 Folding furniture 2

Folding chairs and tables perfectly solve the problem of lack of space. We have already mentioned about this in our previous article on how to choose furniture for a balcony.

3. Suspended Table, Hanging Pots & Railing Planters

Suspended table and pots Suspended table and pots 3 Suspended table and pots 2

Add suspended tables, railing planters, and hanging pots to your balcony. They are suitable even for the tiny balconies.

4. Sofa or a Sitting Bench With Storage

Sofa 3 Sofa Sofa 2


Going to spend a lot of time on the balcony, and want more comfort – put in the corner of a small sofa, if space allows. In this case, you should consider the issue of moisture protection: provide protective covers, cap, using a special damp-proof material.

It is a very functional thing – a small bench with soft cushions and storage space. This bench can be made to order, or even to put together yourself.


Bench 6 Bench 5 Bench 4 Bench 3 Bench 2

5. Recliner


If space allows, you can even place a sun lounger on your balcony.

6. Cushions and Poufs

Cushions and poufs 2 Cushions and poufs

If you want to create a relaxed, informal atmosphere on the balcony, give up the furniture at all. Drop to the floor cushions, poufs and mattresses.

7. Bookcase / Rack/ Planting Shelf

Rack 3 Rack 2 Rack

If you have a small bookcase, an old rack or something like that, place it on the balcony to keep the plants, tools and other equipment.

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