3 Great Sanitizer Uses in the Garden

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Apart from keeping you safe from germs and disinfecting your hands, are there any Sanitizer Uses in the Garden? Time to find out!

A small bottle of sanitizer packs a big punch when it comes to killing harmful bacteria from hands. But apart from using it in day to day life, are there any Sanitizer Uses in the Garden? There are! Read ahead!

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Sanitizer Uses in the Garden

1. Disinfecting Hands After a Gardening Session

Sanitizer Uses in the Garden

A dollop of sanitizer is all you need to quickly clean your hands off bacterias that you might be exposed to while touching pots or tools in the garden.

2. Cleaning Garden Tools

Washing garden tools with water is not enough if you want to completely disinfect them. Sanitizer comes in handy when you quickly want to clean the tools without soaking them in water. This prevents the transfer of diseases from an infected plant to others.

3. Killing Soft-Bodied Pests

You can use sanitizer to kill pests like aphids, thrips, small flies, slugs, and mites. Alcohol makes for an ideal killing fluid for the soft-bodied pests, as most of the sanitizers contain 60–70% ethanol, excess of such formulation will make insects perish.


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  1. I used sanitizer against mealybugs attacking my indoor plants and it really worked. I wiped the stems with sanitizer and they were all dead.


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