6 Best Roma Tomato Varieties | Types of Roma Tomatoes

Popular for canning and sauce, Roma tomatoes can be great to grow at home! Here are some of the best Roma Tomato Varieties!

Roma tomatoes or Italian plum tomatoes, as they’re popularly famous for, are tangy and full of taste. They are dense, meaty, and have low moisture content with few seeds, making them perfect for pastes and sauces. With so many ways to use their delicious flavor, growing different Roma Tomato Varieties at home makes a lot of sense!

What is Roma Tomato?

Roma is a plum tomato, popular for both making tomato paste and canning, due to its slender and firm quality. It has an oblong shape and is more substantial in size. This variety is determinate, which implies the fruit ripens at one time, instead continuously through the season. You can enjoy it raw, but it tastes best when cooked.

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Best Roma Tomato Varieties

1. Heinz

It is the most popular paste tomato variety. The tomatoes are large, flavorful and are rich in lycopene. Grow it in organically rich, well-draining soil and follow a moderate watering schedule.

2. Martino’s Roma

This semi-determinate heirloom tomato variety produces a profusion of richly flavored red pear tomatoes. They taste sweet when fresh and taste a lot better when cooked. These tomatoes have a meaty texture with few seeds and sweet, acidic taste. Martino’s Roma tomatoes are ideal for making the paste, canning, and sauces.

3. Plum Regal

Plum regal is a determinate, hybrid variety with thick skin and texture. It has a meaty flesh and dark red skin with ‘musky’ and ‘earthy’ notes. This flavorful tomato is a disease-resistant and has high-yields with good flavor. 

4. Sunrise Sauce

This hybrid, high-quality, determinate Roma tomato variety has easy-to-peel blemish-free, bright orange skin, and meaty texture, which is perfect for making sauces or salsa. It tastes great when cooked, but also has excellent flavor while eating fresh.

5. Granadero

It has bright red skin and an oval-shape. This variety is pest-resistant and has a terrific growth in open grounds when grown in fertile soil in cool temperatures.

6. San Marzano

San Maranzo is an heirloom Italian Roma-type tomato. It produces a cluster of large thinner fruits compared to the other Roma varieties. This type has a thin skin and contains few seeds with solid flesh. San Maranzo is perfect for making sauces.

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