6 Spectacular Black Snake Plants

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Black Snake Plants can not only purify the air in your room but also add that mysterious blend of charm indoors!

With striking, almost black, dark green foliage, these Black Snake Plants stand out with their low maintenance needs and ability to easily thrive in various indoor conditions!

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Black Snake Plants

1. Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘Black Gold’

Black Snake Plants 1

This variety is a visual treat with deep green leaves edged in a bold, golden-yellow. While not completely black, the dark green is so intense it can appear almost black in low light.

2. Sansevieria ‘Black Coral’

Spectacular Black Snake Plants

Featuring a deep green foliage of dark color, ‘Black Coral’ has subtle grayish, wavy horizontal bands across its leaves like a true snake plant.

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3. Sansevieria ‘Black Dragon’

best Black Snake Plants

True to its name, this cultivar has thick, dark green leaves that can appear black. The ‘Black Dragon’ is prized for its compact form.

4. Sansevieria Kirkii ‘Pulchra’

best Spectacular Black Snake Plants

It has a bronzy, almost gray appearance with a coppery sheen under certain lighting. This lends this variety a metallic look, making it a conversation starter and a great variety to own if you’re a collector.

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5. Sansevieria ‘Whitney’

Black Snake Plants 8

The twisty leaves of this expensive variety appear like they have a shade of black from a distance. However, its foliage is of a deep shade of green in the center.

6. Sansevieria ‘Black Diamond’

Spectacular Black Snake Plants

Like its name, the plant truly has diamond-like streaks on dark leaves! It’s a great choice for small pots, thanks to its compact size!

Styling with Black Snake Plants

Styling with Black Snake Plants

Incorporating these dark snake plants into your home or office can create striking contrasts, especially when paired with lighter or brightly colored decor or other variegated plants, making them ideal for both modern and old interiors.

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Care Tips for Black Snake Plants

While these varieties are generally low-maintenance, here are a few tips to keep them thriving:

  • Light: For the best color, provide full-day bright indirect light.
  • Water: Allow the soil to dry out between watering. Overwatering is a common mistake.
  • Temperature: Keep them warm; they don’t do well in cold drafts.
  • Soil: Use a well-draining potting mix.

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