How to Get and Grow Snake Plants for Free

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Are you looking for tips on How to Get and Grow Snake Plant for Free? Well, here are 4 ways to get them without spending a single penny!How to Get and Grow Snake Plant for Free

Do you know you don’t have to spend a single dollar to get a new snake plant? With a few simple steps, you can turn a single leaf into a fully flourishing one! Let’s have a look at the best tricks!

Are your snake plant’s leaves falling off? Here’s are the main reasons why.

How to Get and Grow Snake Plant for Free


1. Why Buy the Plant When You Can Divide an Existing One!

All you have to do is find a mature snake plant and carefully remove it from its pot. Divide the plant into smaller sections, ensuring each one has roots attached. Once you have a section, you have a free one! Plant it in a new container, and you are done!

2. Don’t Have a Snake Plant? No Worries! All You Need are its Leaves!

How to Get and Grow Snake Plant for Free 3

Using sharp scissors, cut a healthy leaf from an existing plant. Allow the cut end to callous over for a day or two. Once done, plant the cut end into a pot filled with well-draining soil.

Fun Fact: You can also grow the leaves in water!

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3. Don’t Forget the Pups!

Snake plants grow pups (Or offshoots) – yes, those little baby plants at the base! If you spot a snake plant with pups in the garden or at someone’s place, you can politely ask them for a little one off the base, and I’m sure they wouldn’t refuse!

Simply take the pup out, and you’ll have a new baby plant for free. You just have to get a container – that’s it! Plant the pup, and you’re good to go!

4. Join a Plant Swap 

There are many groups and communities that offer plant-swapping services. If you have a thriving plant lying around that you would like to exchange, you can do it with a snake plant.

5. Do Not Forget to Ask for a Favor at the Plant Shop

The next time you go to a plant shop to buy fertilizer or a potting mix, ask them if they can give you a snake plant leaf or a pup for free. (You will be buying something from them after all!).

This way, you might get lucky and get a plant for free, which you can later multiply easily at home!

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6. Ask for the Little Ones Online!

You can also look for snake plant enthusiasts or collectors over social media platforms and ask them for a pup! If they have one, how about you pay for the shipping cost (Not exactly free, but not that expensive, too) and get the plant delivered to your home?

Time to Make More Snake Plants! 

Once you have your own snake plant, you can take good care of it. Once it becomes healthy and thrives, start multiplying it using the leaves or divisions.

Keep it Root Bound – For a Free Supply Forever!

Grow Snake Plant for Free 3

You can also keep it in a root-bound stage, which will trick it into producing more pups at the base, which you can take out and plant in different pots – for more snake plants!

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Propagation of snake plants is a cost-effective way to have more new plants. You just need a parent plant, and that can be used to make many new ones for free! Remember, the key to success is patience and the right growing conditions.

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