Recycle Papers Into 14 DIY Paper Plant Pots

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Newspapers, papers from old books, magazines, and packagings can be recycled as paper planters. Find out 14 such DIY Paper Plant Pots Ideas in this article!

The recycled papers can be made into seed starting pots, paper mache planters, and decorative paper containers.

1. Paper Mache Planter

Add interest to a boring planter pot by converting it into a paper mache planter. Get the DIY tutorial at Look What I Made.

2. Brown Paper Flower Pots

Create very easy paper plant pots using just three items–brown craft paper bags, plants, and pot trays. To learn more, follow this link.

3. Newspaper Pots

With the general origami tricks, you can actually convert a newspaper into a planter pot quickly. Watch the steps here.

4. DIY Paper Plant Pot

Make some quick paper plant pots to cover your ugly plastic pots. It’s a quick 10 minute DIY. The tutorial is available at Nostalgiecat.

5. DIY Paper Pot Maker

Use PVC cap, coupling, and end cap to create a homemade paper pot maker for yourself. Find the tutorial here.

6. Paper Sack Planters

Recycle packing papers into these inexpensive planter pots. You can literally create them in any size! The tutorial is here.

7. Newspaper Seedling Pots

For this biodegradable project, you’ll need a wooden dowel, scissors, and some newspapers. Watch the DIY video here.

8. Crepe Paper Wrapped Pot

Craft these vibrant paper pots using crepe paper, fringe scissors, and succulents. The tutorial is here.

9. Spring Planters

Here’s another DIY tutorial which shows you how to make paper plant pots using a brown paper bag. The idea is here.

10. Paper Pot Seed Cups

Fold a paper around a can and when done, slide it off from it to get the paper planter ready! Know more about it here.

11. Tissue Paper Planter Box

Stick colorful tissue papers around a wooden planter box to replicate this DIY idea. Follow Sarah Hearts for the directions.

12. Hanging Torn Paper Planters

A twine, some paper, and plants can get you a personalized hanging garden for your home. Follow the easy tutorial here.

13. Paper Bag DIY

This DIY could be a perfect valentine’s day decoration idea or give these paper bag succulents as the plant favors. Follow this link for the tutorial.

14. Newspaper Seed Starters

Plant your seedlings in an easy newspaper pot, which you can create in just 5 minutes. Watch the steps at DIY Heaven.

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