10 No-Money Home Decor Ideas With Indoor Plants

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Want to beautify your house without splurging a lot? View these No-Money Home Decor Ideas With Indoor Plants for inspiration.

1. Do a Pot Makeover

No-Money Home Decor Ideas With Indoor Plants
See its DIY tutorial here

Have old pots that don’t look good? Transform them into beautiful planters with 100s of ideas available in our DIY section.

Discover more Pots Makeover ideas here

2. Grow Borrowed Plant Cuttings

You don’t always have to spend money to buy plants if you want to grow them indoors. Ask your friends, relatives, or neighbors for plant cuttings and propagate them in soil or water.

Here’s an exclusive list of plants that grow from cuttings to help you.

3. Create a Mason Jar Garden

No-Money Home Decor Ideas With Indoor Plants 2
Complete this mason jar project here

If you’ve cute mason jars in your kitchen, put them to good use by creating a herb garden in them. You can use seeds from your kitchen pantry for this–Coriander, basil, mustard, and fennel seeds are available in many homes.

See one more Mason Jar herb garden project here

4. Make a Hanging Garden of Indoor Vines

You can grow vines and climbers like pothos and philodendron in DIY macrame pots and decorative hanging baskets to decorate your home.

Here are some awesome Indoor vines you can grow

5. Grow Cuttings in Vases

Grow plant cuttings in water in transparent vases, glasses, and jars. Cuttings will grow roots soon, and you’ll get a nice tabletop centerpiece.

Have a look at some gorgeous indoor plants you can grow in vases here

6. Repurpose Salvaged Items

Have an old typewriter, empty tin cans, teacups, toys, and toolbox at your home? Salvage them into creative planters to grow small plants and colorful succulents.

Here are some creative DIY planter ideas from household items

7. DIY a Vertical Garden

Learn to make this vertical pallet garden here

You don’t have to break the bank to have a vertical garden in your home. You can DIY it at a low cost with the help of these ideas here or create a living wall–we’ve some tutorials here to guide you.

Have a look at some amazing Indoor Vertical Garden ideas here

8. Get a Large Houseplant for Free

A large houseplant creates a statement, but if you don’t want to splurge money on buying it, get it for free by connecting socially with fellow gardening enthusiasts. Keep a close eye on Facebook and Craigslist gardening pages where you can get them for free when someone is moving.

Some plant stores and nurseries run end-season sales to sell plants at heavy discounts–that could be the best time to buy your favorite indoor plant.

9. Make a Wooden Planter

No-Money Home Decor Ideas With Indoor Plants 5
Learn how to make this planter here

If you know a little bit of woodworking, you can make a tall wooden planter for your home. The internet is full of ideas for your help.

We have a great article on DIY Tall Wooden Planters here

10. Use Wine Glasses

There’s no dearth of wine glasses at home, and you can use them creatively to make so many things–Make a terrarium, wine glass succulent garden, a creative plants–the list is long, and these wine glass DIY ideas here will help you.

We have some awesome wine glass terrarium ideas for you here

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