16 DIY Indoor Illuminated Planter Ideas

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Make your plants glow in the dark with these Indoor Illuminated Planter Ideas, you can also DIY them at home easily.

Here are some super modern and unique DIY Indoor Illuminated Planter Ideas that you can use to create unbelievably amazing planters for yourself that shine in the night.

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DIY Indoor Illuminated Planter Ideas

1. How to Make an Illuminated Planter

DIY Indoor Illuminated Planter Ideas

Before you scroll below to check out more illuminated planter pictures below–check out our step by step DIY article here to make it at home.

2. Glow-in-the-Dark Planters

Paint Terra-cotta pots with glow-in-the-dark paint for that gleaming look in the night. Details are here.

3. Illuminated Indoor Planters

DIY Indoor Illuminated Planter Ideas 2

These large and narrow planters look super cool with compact fluorescent bulbs. You can also use LED lights to show different colors.

4. Planter with a Glowing Ring

An LED glowing ring at the top of the planter will look dramatic in a bedroom at night.

5. Modern Wooden LED Planter

Using LED strips, wooden glue, and cables, you can make a LED planter easily. See the tutorial video here for more information.

6. Glowing White Flower Pots

Attach small bulbs below white planters and group them to create a gorgeous look.

7. Lighted Wooden Planters

DIY Indoor Illuminated Planter Ideas 4

Isn’t it amazing?

8. Backlit Flowerpots

Place light-colored flowerpots in front of wall-mounted bulbs to make them glow.

9. Yellow LED Planters

DIY Indoor Illuminated Planter Ideas 5
Image Source: dbelstudio

These planters emit a slight yellow glow, which goes with the green color of plants.

10. A Tall Pink Planter

This tall white planter with an illuminated pink bottom looks delightful on the porch and patio.

11. A Living Room Delight

DIY Indoor Illuminated Planter Ideas 6

Illuminated LED pots like this one are available at many online stores.

12. Illuminated Pot Arrangement

The satin white glow of a pot like this will add more beauty to the indoor flower arrangements.

13. Modern Planters

DIY Indoor Illuminated Planter Ideas 7

Illuminated planters look so modern. You can grow architectural plants like a snake plant in them.

14. A Glowing Corner

An illuminated planter at the corner of the room is all you need to set up the mood.

15. Attractive Light Planter

DIY Indoor Illuminated Planter Ideas 8

This illuminated planter, right next to the staircase, is the center point of attraction.

16. Illuminated Plastic Planter

DIY Indoor Illuminated Planter Ideas 3

You can find such cool planters in nearby stores or online easily.

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