10 Lesser Known Indoor Plants for Hanging Baskets

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Discover the Lesser-Known Indoor Plants for Hanging Baskets and add a distinct trailing look to your rooms. They are also easy to maintain!

These Lesser-Known Indoor Plants for Hanging Baskets look beautiful with their dangling foliage. Grow them near the window and add a lot of appeal to your home!

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Lesser-Known Indoor Plants for Hanging Baskets

1. Tricolor Hoya

Lesser-Known Indoor Plants for Hanging Baskets

Botanical Name: Hoya carnosa variegata ‘Tricolor’

This hoya variety looks great in hanging baskets with blush pink and white variegated leaves and delicate, sweet-smelling flowers.

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2. Baby Tears


Botanical Name: Pilea depressa ‘Baby Tears’

Pilea depressa is an ideal choice for hanging baskets! Its evergreen small green leaves trail beautifully from the rim of the planters.

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3. Nanouk

Lesser-Known Indoor Plants for Hanging Baskets 2

Botanical Name: Tradescantia albiflora ‘Nanouk’

Also known as Fantasy Venice, it has white, purple, green, and pink patterns on its leaves. The plant also produces small yellow-white blooms from pink buds in the growing season.

4. Creeping Saxifrage


Botanical Name: Saxifraga stolonifera

This stemless plant produces a loose rosette of circular olive green foliage with fine veins, trailing shoots, and flower spikes. The leaves are covered in soft hairs, which gives it a velvety appearance.

5. String of Hearts

Lesser-Known Indoor Plants for Hanging Baskets 3

Botanical Name: Ceropegia woodii

One of the excellent choices for hanging planters, this succulent shows off lovely, heart-shaped variegated foliage dangling on rope-like stems.

6. Moon Valley Pilea


Botanical Name: Pilea involucrata ‘Moon Valley’

‘Moon Valley’ features deeply veined and serrated leaves with deep red undersides. The plant also produces bunches of little green-pink blooms in the spring.

7. Swiss Cheese Plant

Lesser-Known Indoor Plants for Hanging Baskets 4

Botanical Name: Monstera adansonii

This charming monstera variety offers heart-shaped dark green perforated leaves. Some leaves have a round shape, whereas a few show narrower form.

8. Snowdrop Cactus


Botanical Name: Lepismium houlletianum

This easy-to-care-for, epiphytic cactus has flattened, long, jagged edges and long arching stems that looks eye-catching in hanging baskets.

9. Philodendron Silver Stripe

Lesser-Known Indoor Plants for Hanging Baskets 5

Botanical Name: Philodendron cordatum ‘Silver Stripe’

This unique philodendron variety features green, yellow, and cream stripes. It has a long trailing habit making it an excellent choice for hanging planters.

10. Climbing Fig

Botanical Name: Ficus pumila

The variegated leaves of the climbing fig, with its green and cream combination, looks charming. It grows fast and does well in bright indirect light or part shade.

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