56 Types of Hoya Varieties with Pictures from Instagram

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Easy to maintain wax plants look fantastic with every type of decor. Have a look at the best Hoya Varieties Names with Pictures for ideas!

The long-living wax plant has beautiful vining foliage that looks great in both pots and hanging baskets. We have collected the best Hoya Varieties Names with Pictures to help you pick the best one out!

Here are the best pictures of different anthurium varieties

Best Hoya Varieties Names with Pictures

1. Hoya carnosa

2. Hoya kentiana

3. Hoya lacunosa ‘Eskimo’

4. Hoya australis

5. Hoya retusa

6. Hoya bella

7. Hoya pachyclada

8. Hoya wayetii

9. Hoya caudata

10. Hoya fitchii

11. Hoya macrophylla

12. Hoya shepherdii

13. Hoya memoria (Gracilis)

14. Hoya neocaledonica

15. Hoya burtoniae

16. Hoya coronaria

17. Hoya obovata

18. Hoya linearis

19. Hoya meredithii

20. Hoya finlaysonii

21. Hoya imperialis

22. Hoya cumingiana

23. Hoya skinneriana

24. Hoya diversifolia

25. Hoya mindorensis

26. Hoya imbricata

27. Hoya multiflora albomarginata

28. Hoya curtisii

29. Hoya affinis

30. Hoya acuta

31. Hoya callistophylla

32. Hoya pauciflora

33. Hoya krohniana

34. Hoya odorata

35. Hoya merrillii

36. Hoya brevialata

37. Hoya latifolia

38. Hoya macgillivrayi

39. Hoya kerrii

40. Hoya globulosa

41. Hoya subcalva

42. Hoya lauterbachii

43. Hoya polyneura

44. Hoya undulata

45. Hoya serpens

46. Hoya elliptica

47. Hoya megalaster

48. Hoya sigillatis

49. Hoya spartioides

50. Hoya pubicalyx

51. Hoya compacta

52. Hoya mathilde

53. Hoya krimsonqueen

54. Hoya haven

55. Hoya sunrise

56. Hoya obscura

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  1. #53 is a Krimson Princess not a Queen. The title needs to be fixed but it’s right in the paragraph description.

    • It’s actually a Krimson Princess as the white is worn as a gown (white in the inside) instead of as a crown (white on the outside)

  2. Number 4 is the variegated format. Australis is a uniform deep green. If you see “Lisa” after the name, or if you see shades of greens and pinks in the leaves- it is variegated.


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