14 DIY Cactus Dish Garden Ideas

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With these 14 unique Cactus Dish Garden Ideas bring a feel of the desert on your tabletop with a mini garden in easy steps!

Using these Cactus Dish Garden Ideas, you’ll get to display a desert landscape in an attractive bowl. With just a few supplies and your creativity, you can design yourself a spectacular mini garden!

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1. Colorful Cactus Dish Garden

Cactus Dish Garden Ideas

Create a modern dish garden for your tabletop with the help of this HGTV tutorial here!

2. Miniature Cactus Garden

This cactus dish garden recipe from BHG suggests not to grow succulents and cacti together. Check out the original post here.

3. Talavera Bowl Dish Garden

Cactus Dish Garden Ideas 2

Talavera pottery is well known and if you can find a beautiful bowl like this, how about planting some cactus plants in it? The steps are here.

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4. Cactus and Succulents in Dish Garden

Pair up succulents along with a cactus plant in a shallow container and adorn them with stones or pebbles. To copy this idea, click here.

5. Easy Dish Garden

Cactus Dish Garden Ideas 3

Get a shallow terracotta pot or bowl and add cacti and succulents in it. Don’t miss further decorating it with stones! Copy this idea from here.

6. Refreshing Dish Garden Idea

In this HGTV article, learn how to make a succulent container garden and how to arrange it.

7. Dish Garden in a Dough Bowl

Cactus Dish Garden Ideas 4

An antique dough bowl turned into a succulent and cactus dish garden. Watch this tutorial video for inspiration.

8. Desert Dish Garden

Bring the look of a desert landscape into your home by completing this cactus dish garden project here.

9. Tiny Cactus Dish Garden

Cactus Dish Garden Ideas 5

Make this amazing cactus dish garden in a shallow bowl using some rocks to add a touch of a rock garden! The tutorial is here.

10. Tabletop Dish Garden

Have this unique and attractive piece of art for your tabletop by growing cacti plants in a mini, transparent bowl. Check out the idea here!

11. Driftwood Cactus Dish Garden

Cactus Dish Garden Ideas 6

Old driftwood and small rocks paired with succulents and cacti plants on vintage Mexican pottery make this dish garden stand out! Check the post for more creative ideas!

12. Puma Stone Dish Garden

Grow your favorite little cacti in a carved out puma stone! Check out this video for more details!

13. Copper Planter Pots


Turn black plastic planter pots into something a little more presentable in just five minutes! Details are here.

14. Dish Garden in a Terracotta Bowl

How about planting different cacti in a large terracotta bowl with pebbles collected from beaches! Sounds interesting? Click here for more details!

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