10 Indoor Plants that Grow Rare Beautiful Flowers

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These indoor plants are known for their low-maintenance nature and foliage show, but what’s more interesting is they grow rare, beautiful flowers.

Most of us know that snake plants produce really long-lasting fragrant flowers, but there are more surprising ones on this list of “Houseplants that Grow Rare Flowers” below.

Indoor Plants that Grow Rare Beautiful Flowers

1. Jade Plant

Indoor Plants that Grow Rare Beautiful Flowers 1

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata

This low-maintenance plant is like the wise old grandparent of the succulent family, wise because it grows indoors easily 😆. With proper care, it will display clusters of tiny star-shaped blooms in pink and white that look amazing. If you want to learn how to force it to flower–click here!

2. Snake Plant

Indoor Plants that Grow Rare Beautiful Flowers

Botanical Name: Dracaena trifasciata

The strong, silent type of the plant world. It’s perfect for those who forget to water their plants. But guess what? It can bloom! While the flowers of the Snake Plant are rare, they are known to be fragrant and emit a spicy vanilla-type scent.

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3. Bird of Paradise

Indoor Plants that Grow Rare Beautiful Flowers IN pot

Botanical Name: Strelitzia reginae

With its large, glossy banana-like leaves and striking orange and blue flowers, it’s a showstopper. It needs bright light and a bit of these tips listed here to be followed, but the payoff is a tropical paradise.

4. Fishbone Cactus

best Indoor Plants that Grow Rare Beautiful Flowers

Botanical Name: Selenicereus anthonyanus

Don’t let the name fool you; this isn’t a prickly customer. Its unique fishtail-shaped leaves are fascinating and surprise with stunning, large white flowers. The blooms only last a day or two, making them a rare and fleeting beauty. Consider yourself lucky if you see these rare pretty flowers because they smell great, too.

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5. Oxalis

Indoor Plants that Produce Unusually Gorgeous Flowers

Botanical Name: Oxalis triangularis

Often adored for its purple, butterfly-like leaves, Oxalis is a delightful bloomer. Its tiny, trumpet-shaped flowers add an unexpected dash of charm. At night, the flowers and leaves of Oxalis fold down, adding to their mystery. Check out the best oxalis varieties you can grow in your home and garden here.

6. Zebra Plant best Indoor Plants that Produce Unusually Gorgeous Flowers

Botanical Name: Aphelandra squarrosa

Known for its striking striped leaves, this plant brings a zebra-crossing right into your home 😄. But there is more in the package! It can also produce bright yellow or orange flowers and attract the beautiful Zebra Longwing butterfly.

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7. Calathea

Indoor Plants that Produce Gorgeous FlowersBotanical Name: Calathea spp.

There are Calathea varieties that grow stunning flowers, for example, the calathea crocata. You can discover more flowering calathea varieties here!

8. Haworthia

Rare and Beautiful Flowers Grown in Indoor Plants

Botanical Name: Haworthia

Haworthia is a resilient succulent with many varieties to choose from. When the plant does decide to flower, delicate white or pale pink clusters emerge on the end of a long stem (inflorescence), surprising you with their understated beauty. These flowers are important because, after them, new haworthia pups appear.

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9. Aloe Vera

best vRare and Beautiful Flowers Grown in Indoor Plants

Botanical Name: Aloe barbadensis miller

Aloe Vera is probably the most popular succulent and a useful houseplant as well because of its healing properties. But it is more than just a low-maintenance medicinal marvel. It can also surprise you with tall, tubular blooms in hues of yellow or orange. What’s more, the flowers contain bioactive compounds that benefit your health.

10. Spider Plant

Indoor Plants that Grow Rare Beautiful Flowers 10

Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum

Spider Plant produces delicate, white blossoms that hang like miniature stars, these flowers are important because usually after that new baby spider plants (spiderettes) appear from the same points. If you want to get your spider plant to flower, check out these tips here.

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