65 Best Oxalis Varieties You Must Grow

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Unleash a burst of color in your garden with the Best Oxalis Varieties, a versatile and stunning collection of plants to suit any green thumb.

Get ready to add vibrant hues to your garden with the Best Oxalis Varieties! These charming and versatile plants come in a rainbow of colors, making them perfect for any landscape. 

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Best Oxalis Varieties

1. Purple Shamrock

Purple Shamrock oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis triangularis

This vibrant beauty boasts delicate, triangle-shaped leaves and delicate pink, purple, or yellow flowers that bloom in the sunshine.

2. Cloverleaf Oxalis

Cloverleaf Oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis trilliifolia

The Cloverleaf Oxalis has three-lobed leaves and cheerful white blooms; this variety adds a touch of whimsy to any garden.

3. Oca

Oca oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis tuberosa

This sweet little bulb showcases stunning, star-shaped flowers in shades of pink, purple, and yellow and adds an exotic touch to any outdoor space.

4. Chilean Wood Sorrel

Chilean Wood Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis valdiviensis

With its delicate foliage in shades of pink, red, yellow, and green and dainty, sweet-smelling flowers, this variety is a garden gem.

5. Southern Wood Sorrel

Southern Wood Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis virginea

The Southern Wood Sorrel is a show-stopper with its striking pink or white blooms, bold leaves, and enchanting fragrance.

6. Variety-Colored Wood Sorrel

Colored Wood Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis versicolor

Its leaves are a playful mix of green and yellow, and its blooms come in a range of colors, making this variety a feast for the eyes.

7. Violet Wood Sorrel

Violet Wood Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis violacea

A true beauty, this variety showcases deep purple blooms that will draw attention and add drama to any garden.

8. Vulcan Oxalis

Vulcan Oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis vulcanicola

The Vulcan Oxalis is a fiery little plant that boasts luscious, dark leaves and bright yellow blooms, making it a unique addition to any outdoor space.

9. Inequal-leaved Wood Sorrel

leaved Wood Sorrel

Botanical Name: Oxalis inaequalis

With its long, slender leaves and tiny, delicate blooms in shades of pink, purple, or yellow, this variety is a lovely accent to any garden.

10. Pale Pink Sorrel

Pale Pink Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis incarnata L.

This variety is a garden dream come true with its lush, green leaves and stunning pink or white blooms that are both beautiful and fragrant.

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11. Palm Tree Oxalis

Palm Tree Oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis lasiandra

With delicate petals in shades of pink, this beauty shines like a star in any garden.

12. Broadleaf Wood Sorrel

Broadleaf Wood Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis latifolia Kunth

With wide leaves with bold pink blooms, Latifolia Kunth is a sun-loving showstopper. This plant is also called Garden Pink-Sorrel.

13. Yellow Oxalis

Yellow Oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis luteola Jacq.

This little ray of sunshine has bright yellow blooms that pop against its green leaves.

14. Magellan Wood Sorrel

Magellan Wood Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis magellanica G.Forst.

A true treasure, Magellanica boasts stunning pink or white blooms with delicate yellow centers.

15. Oxalis Magnifica Kunth

Oxalis Magnifica Kunth

Botanical Name: Oxalis magnifica Kunth

A work of art, Magnifica Kunth has soft pink flowers that dance in the wind.

16. Masson’s Wood sorrel

Masson's Wood sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis massoniana

Bold and beautiful, Massoniana is a standout with its bright pink-orange blooms and lush leaves.

17. Galapagos Sorrel

Galapagos Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis megalorrhiza

With vibrant yellow blooms and thick leaves, Megalorrhiza is a regal addition to any garden.

18. Black-Spotted Woodsorrel

Black-Spotted Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis melanosticta

Dark, mysterious, and alluring, Melanosticta is a standout with its lush yellow blooms.

19. Mountain Woodsorrel

Mountain Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis Montana

A mountain of beauty, Montana has delicate white blooms with pink veins that bloom amongst its green leaves.

20. Oxalis Nelsonii

Oxalis Nelsonii

Botanical Name: Oxalis nelsonii

A sweet surprise, Nelsonii has clusters of tiny, delicate pink-purple blooms that light up any garden.

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21. Nelson’s Sorrel

Nelson's Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis norlindiana

This vibrant bloom brings a burst of yellow with its delicate petals and dark ruffled leaves.

22. Oblique-leaved Sorrel

Oblique-leaved Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis obliquifolia

The rich green leaves and delicate white flowers of this beauty make it stand out in any garden.

23. Redwood Sorrel

Redwood Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis oregana

The Redwood Sorrel boasts showy clusters of bright white flowers and glossy green leaves.

24. Fishtail Oxalis

Fishtail Oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis ortgiesii Regel

A burst of pink, white, and yellow, this variety adds a touch of color and texture to any outdoor space.

25. Bermuda Buttercup

Bermuda Buttercup oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis pes-caprae

With its eye-catching yellow blooms and lush green leaves, this variety shines in any sun-soaked setting.

26. Tufted Yellow Woodsorrel

Tufted Yellow Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis priceae

This variety is a garden gem, with its delicate pink or yellow blooms and dainty leaves that light up any space.

27. Oxalis Pulchella

Oxalis Pulchella

Botanical Name: Oxalis pulchella

This beauty boasts bright pink blooms with a yellow center that pops against its deep green leaves.

28. Red-Leaf Oxalis

Red-Leaf Oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis purpurea L.

The deep pink blooms and lush green foliage of this variety make it a showstopper in any garden.

29. Oxalis Rosea Feuillée ex Jacq.

Oxalis Rosea Feuillée ex Jacq.

Botanical Name: Oxalis rosea Feuillée ex Jacq.

Oxalis rosea Feuillée ex Jacq. is a beautiful variety that brings a touch of pink to any garden with its dainty blooms and delicate leaves.

30. Windowbox Woodsorrel

Windowbox Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis rubra A.St.-Hil.

A bold variety that adds a touch of purple to any space with its showy blooms and dark green leaves.

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31. Golden Oxalis

Golden Oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis spiralis ‘Aurea’

A golden twister with delicate leaves and bright yellow flowers looks beautiful in any setting.

32. Spiral Sorrel

Spiral Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis spiralis

The spiral-leaved beauty showcases delicate petals in shades of yellow, pink, and white.

33. Yellow Wood Sorrel

Yellow Wood Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis stricta

A tall and sturdy charmer with delicate leaves and cheerful yellow flowers perfect for any home.

34. Western Yellow Woodsorrel

Western Yellow Woodsorrel oxalis
shutterstok/Denis Achberger

Botanical Name: Oxalis suksdorfii

A showstopper with stunning pink flowers and delicate, heart-shaped leaves, this variety is an absolute beauty.

35. Thinleaf sorrel

Thinleaf sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis tenuifolia

An airy wonder with delicate leaves and tiny flowers that light up the garden.

36. Four-leaved Woodsorrel

Four-leaved Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis tetraphylla

A rare gem with four-leaf clovers, delicate red flowers, and a unique charm.

37. Common Sorrel

Common Sorrel oxalis
shutterstock/Martin Fowler

Botanical Name: Oxalis acetosella

A charming little plant with tiny clover-like leaves and delicate white flowers with yellow stamens.

38. Silver Shamrock

Silver Shamrock oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis adenophylla

A petite beauty with striking pink and white flowers and delicate, lacy leaves.

39. Radishroot Woodsorrel

Radishroot Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis albicans

A graceful sight with pure yellow flowers and dense leaves that add elegance to any garden.

40. Oxalis Ambigua

Oxalis Ambigua

Botanical Name: Oxalis ambigua

An enigmatic wonder with delicate flowers that can change from white to pink and lush green leaves.

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41. Chari Amilo

Chari Amilo oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis Articulata Savigny

The delicate petals of Oxalis articulata Savigny will add a touch of grace to your garden.

42. Oxalis ausensis

Oxalis ausensis

Botanical Name: Oxalis ausensis

Discover the beauty of the yellow blooms of Oxalis ausensis, the perfect addition to any flower bed.

43. Lavender Sorrel

Lavender Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis barrelieri

The Lavender Sorrel has beautiful white blooms with a yellow center.

44. Red-flower Woodsorrel

Red-flower Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis bowiei

Add a pop of purple to your garden with the charming Red-flower Woodsorrel.

45. Brazilian Woodsorrel

Brazilian Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis brasiliensis

The Brazilian Woodsorrel boasts vibrant green leaves with delicate yellow flowers that add a touch of color to your garden.

46. Blue Woodsorrel

Blue Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis caerulea

This beautiful variety, Blue Woodsorrel, is a rare sight with its delicate white petals.

47. Goat’s Foot

Goat's Foot oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis caprina

Goat’s Foot Oxalis is a rugged beauty with its three-lobed leaves and delicate yellow flowers.

48. Creeping Woodsorrel

Creeping Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis corniculata

Creeping Woodsorrel is a ground covered with green leaves and amazing yellow flowers that hug the ground.

49. Oxalis debilis Kunth

Oxalis debilis Kunth

Botanical Name: Oxalis debilis Kunth

Oxalis debilis Kunth is a delight in every garden with its dainty leaves and pink flowers.

50. Tenleaf Woodsorrel

Tenleaf Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis decaphylla

This one is a unique beauty with ten delicate petals in every flower in a lavender-pink hue.

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51. Wood Sorrel

Wood Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis depressa

The Wood Sorre is a wonderful green beauty with tiny pink flowers having yellow in the middle.

52. Peonyleaf Woodsorrel

Peonyleaf Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis dichondrifolia

The Peonyleaf Woodsorrel is a rare sight with its large green leaves and beautiful yellow flowers.

53. Drummond’s Woodsorrel

Drummond's Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis drummondii

Drummond’s Woodsorrel is a bold beauty with large green leaves and bright purple flowers.

54. Oxalis obtusa

Oxalis obtusa

Botanical Name: Oxalis obtusa

A delicate beauty with its dainty leaves and pink flowers, it looks quite beautiful in gardens.

55. Scurvy Grass

Scurvy Grass oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis enneaphylla

Scurvy Grass is a hardy plant with white flowers and edible leaves that were once used to prevent scurvy in sailors.

56. Shady Woodsorrel

Shady Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis exilis

The Shady Woodsorrel is a shade-loving beauty with delicate green leaves and amazing and vibrant yellow flowers.

57. Shrubby Woodsorrel

Shrubby Woodsorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis frutescens

The Shrubby Woodsorrel is a dense and bushy plant with stunning yellow flowers and mesmerizing green leaves.

58. Churqui and Churco

Churqui and Churco oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis gigantea

Churqui and Churco are traditional Andean plants with delicate white or yellow flowers and long, thin stems.

59. Finger-leaf Oxalis

Finger-leaf Oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis glabra

The Finger-leaf Oxalis is an amazing Oxalis Variety with green leaves shaped like fingers and small pink flowers.

60. Oxalis Griffithii

Oxalis Griffithii

Botanical Name: Oxalis griffithii

The Oxalis griffithii is a rare and beautiful sight with delicate green leaves and yellow or white flowers.

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61. Hairy Oxalis

Hairy Oxalis
shutterstock/Peter Turner Photography

Botanical Name: Oxalis hirta

The Hairy Oxalis showcases leaves covered in soft, silky hairs and delicate pink flowers.

62. Illinois Wood Sorrel

Illinois Wood Sorrel oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis illinoensis

The Illinois Wood Sorrel is a rare and beautiful sight with light green leaves and delicate yellow flowers.

63. Swallow Tail

Swallow Tail oxalis

Botanical Name: Christia obcordata

The Swallow Tail is a delicate beauty with amazing green leaves in the shape of a swallow’s tail.

64. Dillen’s Oxalis

Dillen's Oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis dillenii

Dillen’s Oxalis is a rare and beautiful sight with delicate green leaves and delicate yellow flowers.

65. Oxalis Plum Crazy

Oxalis Plum Crazy

Botanical Name: Oxalis spiralis ssp. vulcanicola

Oxalis Plum Crazy is a unique beauty with delicate purple or pink leaves and yellow blooms.

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