23 Ridiculous Indoor Jungle #Instagram Posts For Houseplant Lovers

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If you’re a plant aficionado and love growing a lot of houseplants, then you’ll love these Instagram posts on Indoor Jungle!

Indoor gardening is becoming popular and houseplants & succulents are the new trends in the world now. For that reason, we searched Instagram with the tag #IndoorJungle and #HouseplantJungle to find out what people are posting on them. We found amazing, ridiculous, and creative results on the Indore Jungle! Check them out!

Here are the best large indoor plants that you must grow!

Best Indoor Jungle Pictures

1. Conch Shell Wall Hanging Planters

Install conch shells on any of your wall that receives bright indirect sunlight and grow air plants or succulents in them.

2. Urban Jungle Living Room

To keep your plants virtually everywhere in your living room, you can hang shelves like the way you see in this post. Keep trailing houseplants for the eye-catching cascading appearance.

3. Houseplants Can Be Colorful

Houseplants are not meant to be boring, as you can see in this combination–Moon cactus and Bromeliad. You can even keep them on your bathroom windowsill. Check out some colorful succulents here.

4. Arrange Some Plant Stands

If you want to create an Indoor Jungle Interior, you’ll need to use your vertical space as well, and there these plant stands and ladders can be useful, just like in this post.

5. Herb Ladder for Kitchen

Copy this idea and install a ladder-like the one below on your kitchen countertop to grow fresh cooking herbs. Check out more Kitchen Countertop Herb Garden Ideas for inspiration.

6. Stylish Houseplant Shelf & Cabinet

If you never satisfy with growing more plants, keep them everywhere. Grow them on floating shelves, over cabinets, a couple below the shelf, and in the shoe rack.

7. Houseplants in the Niche

If plants make you happy, grow them in a niche under stairs or alcove in a wall. Wherever they’ll please your eyes.

8. Build a Mini Indoor Greenhouse

An indoor greenhouse is very functional in winter and early spring. The best part is you can build it all by yourself. These DIY indoor greenhouse ideas here will help you.

9. Hanging Houseplants

You should give space to houseplants in your home. They can fit anywhere, just like in this Instagram post below.

10. Bathroom Makeover

Now that’s a unique #Indoor Jungle Idea for you to try in your bathroom. Decorate it with plants, lots of scented candles, flowers, and so on.

11. Trailing Houseplants Magic

This post from Florestaurbanabrasil perfectly explains the beauty of dangling houseplants. To copy this arrangement, you’ll need a string of pearls, nickel, and hearts.

12. Jungle Dressing Room

A Mirror in your dressing room will reflect life if you keep a variety of houseplants around it. A perfect idea for plant-crazy people.

13. Jungle Bedroom

The name of the Instagram account of Canadian Mellisa Campbell is so apt–My Tiny Jungalow. If you like this jungle bedroom, follow her here.

14. Apple Crates Turned Into Plant Shelves

Would you believe these shelves are actually a series of apple crates? You can keep indoor plants and other objects in them. Bingo!

15. Cheerful Green Balcony

A balcony may not qualify as an Indoor space, but it’s definitely a part of any urban home.  Don’t miss to check out our Romantic Balcony Ideas here.

16. Terracotta Beauty for Bookshelf

If you have a huge collection of books, you can adorn your bookshelf with houseplants in stylish terracotta pots. Try the Chinese Money Plant in the post below or plant pothos, English Ivy, or philodendron.

17. Indoor Jungle Succulent Garden

Succulents are the most modern plants, and you should definitely give them a try as a houseplant. They look good lined up on a shelf like below in decorative geometric pots.

18. That Big Large Houseplant

While chances are you may never be able to grow a big indoor monstera like this one below, a large houseplant can change the dimensions of your interior. 

19. Plant Addict’s Area 51!

If you’re a serious plant addict, you’ll love this Insta post. And, don’t forget to banish people who argue about “YOUR” Area 51 of plants in your home!

20. Using the Best Use of Cabinet

A small little wooden cabinet is all you need to display different plants of your choice on top of it! You can also bring in the jungle vibe with plant shelves right above it!

21. Variegated Delight!

Variegated plants can bring a dash of colors indoors and you can dedicate an entire shelf to them! Do not forget to include the ones with the most colors on their leaves!

22. A Window Line Up!

Do not let the large window go to waste and use it to its full potential by making a small jungle right in front of it! Use metal plant stands and racks to grow different houseplants of your choice.

23. A Dream Indoor Setup

Bring it the tropical vibe complete with different plants, hanging from the ceiling with pots on the floor, cloth umbrella, and a mini table for that romantic vibe!

Which one of these Indoor Jungle Instagram posts is your favorite here? Share in comments.

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