20 Ideas To Grow Marigolds In Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes and Unique Containers

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These Ideas To Grow Marigolds In Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes, and Unique Containers are perfect for your home!

Growing marigolds in the garden or traditional containers is very common now. So, how can you grow them so they stand out? With these Ideas for Growing Marigolds In Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes, and Unique Containers, of course!

Ideas To Grow Marigolds In Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes and Unique Containers

1. Grow Marigolds in a Hanging Wicker Basket

marigolds in hanging basket 1

This rustic wicker basket gives a natural look to your marigolds. Just use a rope or metal chain to hang it at your favorite spot.

2. Metal Bucket Hanger Idea

marigolds in hanging basket 3

This orange metal basket decorated with marigolds of the same color would make a great porch or indoor centerpiece.

3. Window Box for Marigolds

marigolds in window box 1

Pick a monochrome window box and fill it up with marigolds, succulents, and trailing varieties; they’ll look amazing. And unique!

4. Wooden Windowsill Planter

marigolds in window box 2

A long wooden planter box with a natural look is perfect for growing marigolds on a windowsill in all their glory.

5. Marigold Container Garden

Why don’t you try growing different marigold varieties in a container garden? It’ll look amazing.

6. Rustic Metal Pot for Marigolds

marigolds in container 2

If you can find a rustic metal pot with designs and handles, don’t waste it. Use it to grow marigolds in your garden.

7. Repurposed Wheelbarrow Container

marigolds in container 3

This might surprise you, but an old wheelbarrow can be used as a container for your marigolds. If it’s withering, even better.

8. In a Bottle Hanger

marigolds in bottle 1

We bet you didn’t know about this unique idea of growing marigolds in a glass bottle hanger filled with water!

9. A Crate Full of Marigolds

marigolds in container 5

If you’ve got an old wooden crate lying around the garden, put it to good use and grow marigolds in it.

10. Growing Marigolds in Milk Cartons

growing marigolds in tray 1

You don’t need huge pots. Just tear milk cartons in half and use these for growing small marigold flowers. They look really cute.

11. Pepsi Can Planter

growing marigolds in pepsi can 1

A dwarf marigold can easily be grown in a Pepsi can. But don’t take our word for it. We found it here.

12. DIY Hanging Colander

Here’s a quick and easy DIY you can follow to recreate this lovely hanging colander with marigolds and petunias.

13. Concrete Planters for Marigolds

growing marigolds 2

These concrete planters look like they’ve been there for ages and balance out the liveliness of the marigolds.

14. Marigolds in Mason Jars

Why don’t you try growing one of these in a mason jar? It’ll make a great tabletop decoration.

15. Upcycled Pallet Wood Hanger

growing marigolds 4

Take a wooden pallet, hang it on a tree or wall, and grow sunflowers on it. It’s really that simple.

16. Car Tires for Marigolds in the Garden

Ideas To Grow Marigolds 56

This idea of growing marigolds in tires is certainly unique. You can also use paint to customize them.

17. A Marigold Sidewalk

Do you want a similar marigold sidewalk in front of your home? Just slip the seeds in the sidewalk duct and watch them grow.

18. Grow them in Coffee Cups

Ideas To Grow Marigolds 12

Did you know you could grow marigolds in coffee cups? This DIY will show you how.

19. Marigolds in Glass Vases


Take long-stemmed marigolds and stick them in glass vases filled with water. Change it every 3-4 days, and they’ll keep on thriving hydroponically.

20. Wicker Wall Display

Ideas To Grow Marigolds 3

You can use a wicker basket for a lovely marigold and English ivy display on the wall. Don’t forget the bow.

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