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10 Lovely Succulent Window Box Ideas

With lots of bright sunlight, windows are the best place to grow succulents! Here are some really innovative Succulent Window Box Ideas you can use.

Empty windows can always use the beautiful look of plants and what could be better than sun-loving and maintenance-free succulents! Try these innovative and beautiful Succulent Window Box Ideas today.

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Succulent Window Box Ideas

1. A Bunch of Rosettes

Succulent Window Box Ideas

Grow succulents like Sempervivum, Echeveria, Graptopetalum, and Moonstones, for a gorgeous rosette arrangement on a window.

2. Different Succulents in a Window Box

You can group multiple succulents together for a magnificent looking window box.

3. Trailing Succulents in a Window Planter

Succulent Window Box Ideas 2

Try growing trailing succulents with other varieties on a window planter.

4. Large Succulents

Pair large succulents with small ones to fill up your window box.

5. Agave and Burrito

Succulent Window Box Ideas 5

The trailing foliage of Burrito will pair perfectly with the tall fronds of agave.

6. Low Maintenence Window Box

Image Source:-decoratorist

This small window box will be a maintenance-free green addition to your window.

7. Window Box Full of Succulents!

Succulent Window Box Ideas 6
Image Source:-harmonyinthegarden

Sometimes, more is merrier! Pair trailing, flowering, and different varieties of succulents for a mini jungle look.

8. Rustic Wooden Box

Colorful succulents will add more beauty to a rustic wooden window box.

9. Vintage Planter

Succulent Window Box Ideas 7

A vintage planter on a window can house all your favorite succulents with ease.

10. Nothing but Succulents!

If you want nothing but succulents on your window, then you can fill up the entire windowbox and window with them!


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