12 Flowers That Start With X

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Can you name Flowers That Start With X? Don’t worry if you can’t. Here is an inclusive list to help you learn more about them!

Looking for flowers that start with the letter ‘X’ is a bit like a treasure hunt and seems difficult, but there are not just one or two but many that start with X.

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Flowers That Start With X

1. Xanthoceras sorbifolium (Yellowhorn)

Flowers That Start With X 1

Native to China, the Yellowhorn is a deciduous shrub that is grown as an ornamental plant. It also has white flowers with red or yellow centers.

2. Xeranthemum annuum (Annual Everlasting)

Annual Everlasting is a delicate flower that comes in shades of white, yellow, and purple. It is perfect for a simple landscape and cottage garden.

3. Xerochrysum bracteatum (Strawflower)

Flowers That Start With X 3The Strawflower is known for its daisy-like flowers. It is native to Australia and looks delightful in the garden with its yellow, orange, red, and pink tones.

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4. Xerophyllum tenax (Beargrass)


Beargrass is another plant that starts with X that you can grow in the garden. Its white flowers are clustered on tall, slender stems and are followed by small, dark blue berries.

5. Xanthosoma sagittifolium (Elephant Ears)

Flowers That Start With X 5

This tropical plant has small, inconspicuous, white-yellow flowers that are not very showy. However, its large leaves shaped like elephant ears make it a popular houseplant.

6. Xanthisma spinulosum (Cutleaf Ironplant)


Also known as Spiny Goldenweed, this one produces small yellow flowers with spiny or toothed leaves. The dual-yellow shade of its petals and the center create a nice display.

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7. Xeranthemum annuum ‘Violaceum’ (Purple Everlasting)

Flowers That Start With X 7

This annual plant has striking, papery, violet-purple flowers. These flowers that start with X are special because they retain their color and form even after drying out.

8. Xylobium (Orchid)

Flowers That Start With X 9

Xylobium orchids are made up of 35 species and have white or yellow flowers. Some also have attractive red or brown spots.

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9. Xyris difformis (Variable Yellow-eyed Grass)

Flowers That Start With X 9

Xyris difformis is a perennial found in wetland habitats. It displays distinctive yellow flowers with three spreading petals. A beautiful choice for large backyards.

10. Xanthium strumarium (Cocklebur)

Cocklebur gets its name from its spiny burs. It also has green, white, purple or lavender color flowers that bloom in clusters. Be careful, as the burs often cling to clothing, and it’s considered a weed.

11. Xeronema callistemon (Poor Knight’s Lily)

Flowers That Start With X 11

This unique flowering plant is native to New Zealand and has sword-shaped leaves that complement its long, brush-shaped red flowers.

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12. Xylosma (Dense Logwood)


Dense Logwood is a great shrub for hedging and can also be trained as a tree. It is known for its glossy evergreen leaves and has subtle yellow-green flowers.

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