8 Orchids that Look Like Birds

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The disguises of these Orchids that Look Like Birds are truly amazing. Scroll down and learn more about the creativity of nature.

Did you know many orchid flowers are secret bird impersonators 😄? Some of the varieties even look like animal faces!

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Orchids that Look Like Birds

1. Dove OrchidOrchids that Look Like Birds 1

Botanical Name: Peristeria elata

The lovely dove orchid has flowers with inner petals that are curved in the shape of a dove’s body. This characteristic is the reason behind its name.

2. White Egret Orchids that Look Like white egret

Botanical Name: Pecteilis radiata

With a long center that has frilled petals on either side, the flowers of the White Egret orchid look like a bird in flight. Truly amazing, isn’t it?

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3. Large Duck OrchidOrchids that Look Like duck

Botanical Name: Caleana major

A small orchid found in Australia, this one has purple-burgundy blooms atop slender stems that look just like a duck.

4. Bird Head Orchid Orchids that Look Like Bird head

Botanical Name: Chiloglottis anaticeps

This unique orchid species is known for its flowers that have an intricate center shaped and colored like a bird’s head.

5. Lion OrchidRare Bird-Looking Orchids

Botanical Name: Bulbophyllum ovatum

The Lion Orchid is a special one on this list. The long petals of its flowers give it the appearance of a bird, while its center resembles a lion’s face.

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6. Kite Orchid

best Rare Bird-Looking Orchids

Botanical Name: Masdevallia veitchiana

The three long petals with vibrant colors of orange and pink give this orchid the appearance of a hummingbird.

7. Swan OrchidLooking Like Birds, Orchids

Botanical Name: Cycnoches chlorochilon

If you think this is all–there’s another orchid with a beautiful flower that looks like a swan.

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8. Western Bearded Greenhoodbest Looking Like Birds, Orchids

Botanical Name: Pterostylis barbata

Also called the bird orchid, this species has a single transparent flower covered in green veins. It appears in the shape of a small bird.

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