16 Flowers that Grow from Petals

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Have you heard about Flowers that Grow from Petals? It may sound impossible, but you can do this. Read the details below!

Imagine delicate petals transforming into plants! This may sound like some botanical magic, but it is entirely doable!

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Here’s How to Grow Flowers from Petals

It’s important to note that flowers and petals themselves do not typically contain seeds. Instead, seeds are usually formed in a different part of the flower. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the process:

  • Petals: These are the colorful parts of a flower, primarily for attracting pollinators. They do not contain seeds.
  • Seed Formation: Seeds are usually formed in the ovary, located at the base of the flower. After pollination, the ovary develops into a fruit (in botanical terms), and seeds develop inside this fruit.

Steps for Growing Flowers from Petals

  • After flowering, observe the base of the flower. The ovary will swell and develop into a seed pod.
  • At this point, you can either pick the entire flower, let it dry, and then extract the seeds by opening the pods at the base of the flower.
  • You can also pick individual petals once the flower has dried up a little – in this process, you may get some seeds attached to the petals. However, it can be a hit or miss, so it would be a good idea to take a bunch of petals and plant them in the growing medium. The petals will serve as compost and mulch, helping to maintain moisture and providing nutrients for seedlings.

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Flowers that Grow from Petals

1. Poppies

Flowers that Grow from Petals 1

Botanical Name: Papaver somniferum

The seed pods of poppies can burst open, scattering seeds when the petals fall. Plant these petals in well-draining soil and have pretty blooms.

2. Columbines

Botanical Name: Aquilegia

These flowers develop seed pods, and when the petals drop, they can carry the seeds with them that you can use for propagation.

3. Hellebores


Botanical Name: Helleborus orientalis

The seeds of hellebores are often contained within the persistent sepals, and they can be spread when the sepals fall.

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4. Sunflower

Botanical Name: Helianthus

Sunflower seeds sit right at the center of the flower. You can scatter the petals on the soil. That’s how new sunflowers grow, bright and happy in the sun.

5. Pot MarigoldFlowers that Grow from Petals 5

Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis

Collect mature pot marigold blooms and spread them on the soil. It’s a simple way to have more beautiful pot marigold flowers growing.

6. Tickseed

Botanical Name: Coreopsis grandiflora

Scatter tickseed petals on the soil. Doing this helps more tickseed flowers to grow and bloom.

7. GazaniaFlowers that Grow from Petals 7

Botanical Name: Gazania

You can have more gazania blooms in your garden by just using the petals of the flower. This process can be fun and rewarding.

8. Coneflower


Botanical Name: Echinacea purpurea

Once the flowers are ready, you can pick them and scatter the petals on the soil. This simple step helps more coneflowers to bloom and show off their unique beauty.

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9. Black Eyed Susan

Flowers that Grow from Petals 9

Botanical Name: Rudbeckia hirta

Collect the petals of black-eyed susan and sprinkle them on the soil. It’s an easy way to bring their vibrant colors to your garden.

10. Zinnia

Botanical Name: Zinnia spp.

Zinnias have seeds at the base of their petals, and you can collect and plant them to grow new zinnia plants.

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11. Nasturtium

Flowers that Grow from Petals 11

Botanical Name: Tropaeolum majus

Nasturtiums produce seeds that are attached to the base of the petals. Once the petals dry and fall, the seeds also fall from them.

12. Cleome

Botanical Name: Cleome spp.

Cleome, also known as spider flower, has seeds that are connected to the base of its long, slender petals. Use these petals for planting.

13. Love-in-a-Mist

Flowers that Grow from Petals 13

Botanical Name: Nigella damascena

This flower has a unique seed pod with feathery filaments extending from the petals’ base. When the petals fall, the pod matures, and the scattered seeds grow into new ones.

14. California Poppy

Botanical Name: Eschscholzia californica

California poppies have seeds at the base of their petals, which can be collected and replanted.

15. Marigold

Flowers that Grow from Petals 15

Botanical Name: Tagetes

Fill your garden with colorful marigolds by growing them just from the petals. This informative post will guide you; check the details here.

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16. Petunia

Botanical Name: Petunia

After the petunia flowers bloom and start to fade, pick out a few petals; you’ll notice a few seeds attached to the base. Plant the petals in a well-draining potting mix.

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