21 Beautiful Flowers that Start with O

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 Perfect for expanding your gardening knowledge and bringing beauty to the garden – here are beautiful Flowers that Start with O!

Flowers that Start with O — are they the ‘ooh la la’ of the floral world? Let’s dive into this captivating collection of blooms, where we’ll discover orchids, oriental poppies, and other delightful ‘o’-named blooms!

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Flowers that Start with O

1. Orchid

Flowers that Start with O 1

Botanical Name: Orchidaceae

Looking for flowers that start with O? The Orchid is a beautiful flower with delicate, exotic petals in various colors and shapes, captivating any observer.

2. Olive

Botanical Name: Olea europaea

The Olive tree’s small, creamy-white flowers are simple yet charming, transforming into delicious fruits known for their unique oil and flavor.

Note: Olive trees produce flowers, but their primary value lies in their fruits, which produce olive oil.

3. Oriental Poppy

Flowers that Start with O 3

Botanical Name: Papaver orientale

With its large, vibrant blooms in various hues, the Oriental Poppy creates a breathtaking spectacle in gardens during springtime.

4. Oxeye Daisy


Botanical Name: Leucanthemum vulgare

The Oxeye Daisy‘s pure white petals and bright yellow center exude simplicity and cheerfulness, making it a delightful wildflower among flowers that start with O.

5. Ozark Sundrop

Flowers that Start with O 5

Botanical Name: Oenothera macrocarpa

This resilient wildflower showcases butter-yellow blooms that seem to glow in the sunlight, adding a burst of warmth to garden spaces.

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6. Oyster Plant


Botanical Name: Tradescantia spathacea

Also popular as Moses-in-the-Cradle, the Oyster Plant’s attractive purple and green leaves contrast beautifully, making it a popular ornamental choice.

7. Orange Lily

Flowers that Start with O 7

Botanical Name: Lilium bulbiferum

A vibrant one among flowers that start with O, the Orange Lily’s fiery-hued trumpet-shaped flowers symbolize passion and allure.

8. Obedient Plant


Botanical Name: Physostegia virginiana

As its name suggests, the Obedient Plant‘s unique feature is its ability to stay in place when bent, making it an interesting addition to the garden.

9. Obovate Peony

Flowers that Start with O 9

Botanical Name: Paeonia obovata

The Obovate Peony’s large, bowl-shaped blooms, ranging from delicate pinks to vibrant yellows, are a sight in early summer gardens.

10. Ohio Spiderwort


Botanical Name: Tradescantia ohiensis

With its vibrant blue-violet flowers, the Ohio Spiderwort adds a splash of color to natural landscapes and is a favorite among flowers that start with O.

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11. Oleander Plant

Flowers that Start with O 11

Botanical Name: Nerium Oleander

Oleander’s clusters of showy flowers in shades of pink, red, or white are offset by its dark green leaves, making it a popular choice for decorative landscaping.

12. Orange Coneflower


Botanical Name: Rudbeckia fulgida

The Orange Coneflower’s striking copper-orange petals attract butterflies and bees, making it a favorite for attracting pollinators.

13. Orange Daylily

Flowers that Start with O 13

Botanical Name: Hemerocallis fulva

Known for its abundant trumpet-shaped blooms, the Orange Daylily brightens up gardens and thrives in various soil conditions.

14. Orange Stonecrop

Botanical Name: Sedum kamtschaticum

The Orange Stonecrop’s succulent leaves and bright orange flowers bring a pop of color and texture to rock gardens.

15. Oregon GrapeFlowers that Start with O 15

Botanical Name: Mahonia

The Oregon Grape’s cheerful yellow flowers contrast with its holly-like leaves, producing clusters of dark purple berries popular with wildlife.

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16. Oxalis (Wood Sorrel)

Botanical Name: Oxalidaceae

With its clover-like leaves and charming, star-shaped flowers, the Oxalis is definitely one of the most beautiful flowers that start with O.

17. Oriental Lily / Lily Stargazer

Flowers that Start with O 17

Botanical Name: Lilium orientalis ‘Stargazer’

The Stargazer Lily’s fragrant and stunning blooms, with petals elegantly curling backward. This is only one out of the many wonderful Oriental Lilies.

18. Ornamental Onion


Botanical Name: Allium aflatunense

The Ornamental Onion‘s globe-shaped flower clusters create eye-catching accents in garden beds and are a favorite among bees and butterflies.

Note: Although these have beautiful and distinctive flowers that start with o, the following ones are not your typical flowering plants. These remarkable species actually belong to the cactus family but entice everyone with their flowers nonetheless. 

19. Old Lady Cactus

Flowers that Start with O 19

Botanical Name: Mammillaria hahniana

This flower showcases a white, wool-like covering and produces delicate pink or white flowers, creating a unique and eye-catching display.

20. Old Man Of The Andes


Botanical Name: Oreocereus celsianus

A member of the cactus family, the Old Man Of The Andes has long, white hairs covering its body and occasionally pink or white flowers that emerge from its woolly top.

21. Old Man of the Mountain

Flowers that Start with O 21

Botanical Name: Tetraneuris grandiflora

It features silvery-white spines and produces bright yellow or orange flowers, making it an addition to desert gardens.

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